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    Gametrailers Birth by Sleep Video Preview

    Sorry if someone beat me to it. Gametrailers Previews Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep! - Kingdom Hearts Insider QtDiVWXeAw4
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    Oh snap... Battlefield 3 announced and Multiplatform

    Home - Battlefield 3/BF3 And now the console war to end all console wars begins.. You can get in to the Beta later on if you purchase the MOH limited edition.
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    Re:Coded Japanese gameplay debut trailer

    Re:Coded Japanese gameplay debut trailer Enjoy. Not sure if this has been posted already, usually way behind everyone else in finding these things, haha. i0ARPOrrXyw
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    Square Enix Reconsidering a Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Here is some new juicy info that came out today. Apparently Square did some sort of survey through Twitter at the beginning of the month asking people's opinions on a remake and there was a large abundance of people in favor of it and they are seriously considering it this time over. I...
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Sorry if this has been posted anywhere already, looked but didn't find anything, but.. Anyone else pumped for it? Comes out Tuesday! I've been playing the demo and was in the PS3 beta and I must say that this is the TRUE online warfare experience, screw Modern Warfare 2, played that crap and...
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    Japanese Birth by Sleep Review

    Not sure if anyone has posted this already but I thought I'd throw it up. Found this review today on the JP version of Birth by Sleep. Great review and he uses his own footage of the game, but rest assured it is spoiler free. Enjoy: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Review - Radical's Dreams