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  1. Divine Past

    Question about Kairi and Riku

    Cheerios are good for you. Cheerios are good for you Cheerios are good for you Cheerios are good for you Cheerios are good for you. Cheerios are good for you. Cheerios are good for you Cheerios are good for you Cheerios are good for you Cheerios are good for you Cheerios are good for you...
  2. Divine Past

    American Health Care system

    We (and I can call it we cause them the American Rules) get a very bad rep for our health care system. In some respect the system is dreadful and in some it's very good. So I'm not going to make a defense of the current system being in the best in the world but rather shed light on why Americans...
  3. Divine Past

    Sora is the most humble person

    -Doesn't brag about the fact he saved Kairi in front of Riku -Uses 2 hands for the keyblade because he doesn't want to showoff with 1 hand -Doesn't complain when the going gets tough, he puts his head down and works hard -Didn't ask to be king of China when he saved them from a heartless...
  4. Divine Past

    Let's talk about positives of Days

    these threads are quite nice and haven't had it in a while so I'll start some. -Boss Fights were a great challenge. - Keyblades were quite dope - Some good humor spots. I'll add some when I'm not so tired.
  5. Divine Past

    Scences from a Hat KH edition

    Things Sora can say about his keyblade that he can't say about Kairi
  6. Divine Past

    Would you like to see more humanoid bosses or giant monster type bosses in KH3?

    I felt this was interesting question because KH has dabble into both even during final boss sequences. I think my preference is humanoid bosses because it feels a bit more realistic in a very unrealistic world. Maybe Days scarred me on giant monster type battles but they don't feel as engage as...
  7. Divine Past

    Which main villian's master-plan was most impressive to you?

    (Impressive can mean whatever you want in this context, enjoyment, execution etc) While most of these plans failed, it's still nice I feel to discuss which plans really stood out against the pack.(Yes this thread can show off my lack of knowledge on the series) I feel like MX plan to take over...
  8. Divine Past

    Which character interactions are you most excited to see in KHIII?

    I'm pretty excited to see some Sora/Kairi scenes myself. As we known poor Kairi has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of cut-scenes throughout the series and that includes an under-develop relationship with Sora. I'm interest in seeing if they go the route of Sora being overly...
  9. Divine Past

    Do you like the alternative cut-scenes when you actually lose a fight?

    I think it was a pretty cool addition. I felt it added some nice realism to see Sora struggling to stand up after you lose a battle in game. Now obviously they can't do that for every fight (Though seeing the game continue after losing the fight vs Master Xehanort might be cool) but for fights...
  10. Divine Past

    Will/Should Sora be presented as being a step ahead of the other heroes of light?

    The way I'm talking about is that the narration of the game presents it as Sora and his friends try to defeat Nort, rather than all the good guys joining together equally to defeat him. Of course Sora is going to be the most crucial early on during their quest to wake Aqua/Ven/Roxas/Namine/Xion...
  11. Divine Past

    What was Namine doing off screen in KH2?

    Replaying kh 2 FM for a level 1 run, I remember when Riku let Naimine go, she said she had places she had to be. But throughout the rest of the game we don't see her until she rescues Kairi. If you guys/gals don't recall before she leaves she looks at a drawing of Sora and Roxas so the...
  12. Divine Past

    If you had the choice.....

    Let's say the writers decided to make KH3 a game where you can control multiple charachter as the main person and see the story from their perspective (Sora/Riku/Kairi etc) would you prefer it to be done in the BBS and COM style or the DDD style? I assume you guys know what each style were but...
  13. Divine Past

    Data Roxas>Your favorite character in the series

    And that's fact and facts can't be disputed because it's a fact.
  14. Divine Past

    Hope you smart guys & gals can enlighten me on this

    So I've always wonder about the whole Roxas/Riku ending. For quick background info to set up my question: -Xion decides to fight roxas so she could merge with him. -Roxas was too strong and beat Xion and Xion did her emotional stuff and told Roxas to go to KH and free them hearts. -Riku learns...