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    Im Back

    So its been like months since i haven't been here because i didnt want to be spoiled my bbs stuff Sooooon whats new?
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    Right you saw Terra becoming mad at MX and he unleashed his darkness from his heart...what if he turns darker and turns his hair light becoming Xehanort then he unleashed his anger on MX and Vanitas and he's like sora's Anti Form and he can only hold the Keyblade for a limited time...
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    Changing the language

    I saw in a website sayin that when you get the game(bbs) you can change the language to english..... is this true?
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    I saw in this Theory something bout a new trailer featuring Ven and Mickey... Can you guys give me a link....
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    Guys I don't know if this is in the right section so I don't care I was wondering if Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep will work in the PSP 2000...I just want an answer like Yes or No
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    I put a poll on top... which you like best????????
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    MX and Terra

    Well I just saw the new video (the new subtitled one from lissar) well this is what I think about the story...... I think MX told Terra to just control you darkness, To Travel Worlds and destroy Vanitas and as he went through each world he got closer to darkness and when he met MX again Master...
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    The 3 charms

    did you notice that theres unversed symbols in the 2 charms Aqua gave to Ven and Terra
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    Ventus and ???...and other stuff i wanna ask

    You saw in the recent Famitsu Scans that in Ventus' Story right next to that you see a photo with him and??? Possible peeps...: Terra Diz(orATW idk wo0ndering) link below http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/final-fantasy-13-14-foe-tonelico10.jpg And did you see In the same scan...
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    Sup So I've been reading some of the forum and they say that theres a picture of Vanitas' eye.. So yeah all I'm just saying is can you give me a photo or link to it thanks alot.. :cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    the pods

    You know when your roxas and you go to sora,donald and goofy with the pods... it says it was used before maybe those pods were stored with TAV if they lost against Xehanort just bored...guessing
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    Will Kingdom hearts birth by sleep be downloadable or only umd So is it only for PSP 3000 or PSP 2000
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    Mysterious Tower

    Have you seen in the Mysterious Tower it kinda resembles Yen Sid's Tower So I'm saying Mysterious Tower=Yen Sid's Tower
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    Kairi and her Grandmother

    Right guys you saw the Kairi+Grandmother scan? what do you guys think what happened to her necklace? we don't see it now.. And Another Question... Did you think that Kairi's Grandmother told anyone or Hinted anyone about the past keyblade wielders?
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    Jump Weekly Zack

    I noticed something in the Full Scan from Jump Weekly Featuring Zack + Olympus Coliseum Bottom Left You See Ven With Terra Because I saw his keyblade Can you do D-link With him???:eek::eek:
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    Maybe Saix/Isa got his X scar(in his face) from Terra with all that hatred He slashed his face
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    Which Group do you like?

    Which group do you like? BBS Group=Terra,Ven and Aqua KH1,2=Sora,Kairi(whore,bitch) and Riku KH1,2=Sora,Donald and Goofy 358/2days=Axel,Xion and Roxas and quick question...(sorry) How do you make a poll?
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    How come Phil from Olympus Coliseum didn't mention about Zack?? He forgot?Namine stole his memories? (Namine stole memories from Sora and everyone connected too him) what about Hercule..? Was Zack Hercule's role model?
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    Zack and Terra

    I saw a thread made from Peachie that Zack might be in bbs theres a link below:lol: http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/139707-olympus-coliseum-new-ff-character-bbs.html I wander whats Terra and Zack fighting maybe Sparring??? DISCUSS Special thanks to, Peachie
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    you know I've been browsing the posts and this guy(forgot the name..)gave me an idea look at xigbar and braig Someone told me they only had a year to turn into nobodies and they just have the same thing for roxas and sora....Sora slept for a year right?? and roxas and sora they both...