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  1. Crazy Mario

    Dr. Seuss' Birthday

    Yesterday was Dr. Seuss' birthday and was Reading Across America Day at my school. After hearing teachers read Dr. Seuss books, I wondered about how many people have actually reassume? So, that's why I posted this thread. My question is, how many Dr. Seuss books have you read and what's your...
  2. Crazy Mario

    Disney Villains League 2.0

    If there were to be a new league of villains that you think are qualified for the job, speak now, or forever hold your peace. Here is my list: Yzma: She's a mad scientist, what more could you want? She could use the Heartless to find Kuzco, control more worlds to add to her empire, and have...
  3. Crazy Mario

    Xehanort League's Purpose Theory

    Okay, after a bit of wondering, I think I've figured out why were seeing all of these defeated Xehanort-esque characters in the Realm of Sleep. At first, I wondered why would Young Xehanort want to bring back these people and why were did there have to be thirteen of them appearing. After...
  4. Crazy Mario

    Heartless, Nobodies, or Nightmares?

    Okay, so the recent Nintendo Power magazine has revealed that DDD was originally intended to have Heartless and Nobodies as the main enemies, but they were removed because Square felt that they didn't fit the Realm of Sleep. Now here's the big question. If you were to decide which enemies the...
  5. Crazy Mario

    Dream Drop Distance Debuts in Nintendo Power

    This month's Nintendo Power issue covers Dream Drop Distance and is the main focus this month. Here are some pics of the pages which are credited to silver3drago from KH13. While most of this stuff is what we've heard before, there is an interview with Nomura and a few tidbits you'd probably...
  6. Crazy Mario

    Disney's Revival

    Okay, we all know Disney's had a bit of a rough streak since 2004-5 (Besides Pixar). Not to mention that their channel is horrid. However, I feel that they're actually back and better than ever! The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Tron: Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The...
  7. Crazy Mario

    Scan of The Grid in Latest Jump Magazine!

    Scan of The Grid in Latest Jump Magazine! - Kingdom Hearts Insider Credit of these scans go to elfen from 2ch.
  8. Crazy Mario

    King and Centaur Xemnas

    You know, since it's confirmed that The World That Never Was in in DDD and it's using unused content, do you think we could see the return of Xemnas' removed forms? I'd certainly love that!
  9. Crazy Mario

    Classic Disney Villain Rematches

    Okay, we all know Ursula's a boss. While some of you are thinking that means Atlantica is a world, I doubt that verily. I believe that it is a Mirage Arena-esque mode like how you fought Monstro in BbS. This leads to my question. Which Disney bosses would you like to rematch? I'd LOVE an Oogie...
  10. Crazy Mario

    Dream Drop Distance Drop Sections

    So, what type of drop sections would you like to see for DDD? For me, I'm going to post an idea that coincides with the world I believe will be revealed this month and I've posted ideas for in the worlds thread, Alice in Wonderland 2010. I think that it should have you falling through the...
  11. Crazy Mario

    Dream Drop Distance Secret Bosses

    So, what secret (Unknown, Lingering Sentiment Mysterious Figure) or optional bosses (Kurt Zisa, Phantom, Ice Titan, Sephiroth, Vanitas Remnant) would you like to see in DDD? Here's mine for an optional boss: I'd like to have a secret boss for the Firebird in Symphony of Sorcery after completing...
  12. Crazy Mario

    Theories on Worlds Taken by Darkness and Sent to the Realm of Sleep

    Okay, here's another one of everyone's favorite, "Crazy Mario Theories!" You see, worlds taken by darkness have fascinated me for a while. Up to BBS, we've all known that the destruction of a world is simple, find the World's Keyhole, plunge it's heart with darkness, and it's transported to the...