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  1. noheartx

    Fanfiction ► Master of the Shadow Clones | A Naruto Fanfic

    So I've had this story up on fanfiction for awhile now, but i recently decided to go over the story and fix it up a bit and add some stuff. I've got about 5 chapters done out of a total 31 that are up right now, and its about halfway through, give or take. And since editing doesn't take as...
  2. noheartx

    Bosses who can't control their demons...

    Hey so im just trying to get ideas for something I'm writing, so maybe you guys could help me out. What are your favorite bosses that got taken out by one of their own creations rather than the protagonist. For example, in Sonic Adventure when Perfect Chaos destroys Eggmans ship. I cant think...
  3. noheartx

    Riku Demo Impressions

    So i was watching Riku's gameplay demo, and I noticed something. At about :10 second mark, Riku looks like he goes into the Bladecharge Command Style. Obviously i don't know if this is actually Bladecharge or not, but that would be awesome if Command Styles came back. It could just as easily...
  4. noheartx

    An Interview with KHI's Asian Sensation Toilet Crusher aka Ken!

    This is an interview with Ken i did about a week ago. it was alotta fun, so enjoy.
  5. noheartx


    OK, so i had to make a thread for the best show on television. So to start things off, i have this:
  6. noheartx

    Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII by Random (aka Mega Ran and Lost Perception)

    I didn't see a thread for this and i figured I would post it. This is an album by Random aka Mega Ran, who specializes in Video Game Hip Hop. It's an album that tells the story of FFVII, and it's damn good if i do say so myself. I'll post one of the songs here, and if you like it you can check...
  7. noheartx

    Paradox Cups Quick Question

    So, i have beatent he first Paradox Cup (Pain and Panic) but for some reason the others wont unlock. Is there anything else i need to do to unlock the Paradox cups. I've also beaten the regular ones.
  8. noheartx


    I saw this really bonking cool platformer that was unveiled at ComicCon, and I know it's a little late, but I just thought of it. The concept of the game looks so cool, and i really want it. Here's a trailer...
  9. noheartx

    Saints Row 3

    The upcoming game Saints Row 3 looks fantastic, and i just wanted to throw this thread out there and discuss it, because i think it looks great. I mean, its completely ridiculous, if anyone has seen the trailers, but i want it so badly. Nothing better than beating people with a giant floppy dildo.
  10. noheartx

    100% Completion

    Now that schools over, I'm looking for something to do. Name some games you've done 100%, and maybe it'll give me some ideas. I'm not looking for something that'll take too long, like FFVII, but something to occupy me. I've only done Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
  11. noheartx

    Naruto Shippuden

    I'm kinda surprised that there wasn't a thread for this...or if there was its buried, because i went through the first five pages and didn;t see anything. Anyway, the sixth season of Shippuden is on now, and for everyone out there who watches, this is a thread to discuss it in!
  12. noheartx

    More of a possibility of KH on Wii U?

    I remember back awhile ago, when the E3 lists first came out, that there was a Kingdom Hearts Cafe, for project Cafe, now named Wii U. Well, now I've found even more prrof of that. [Update]: Square Enix Looking Into Wii U - News - www.GameInformer.com This is a story on GameInformer that...
  13. noheartx

    Neverland Prize Pods Problem

    Everytime i go to Neverland i never see the prize pods. I mean Ive left the world at least ten times and come back, and i still don't get them. I'm doing it with Terra. Anyone know why this is?
  14. noheartx

    BBSV2 and 3DS Secrets?

    So i just saw the KH3 secret bosses thread, and i figuted i would open one for the two next games in the series instead. What/Who do you think will be some Secret Bosses in BBSV2 or 3DS? I think BBSV2 has a really interesting angle here, considering a lot of it will be in the RoD, so maybe a...
  15. noheartx

    Kingdom Hearts Iphone App.

    i was looking up some KH news and i saw this: TangoDown Studios Developing Keyblade Encyclopedia On iPhone - News - Kingdom Hearts Union - Kingdom Hearts News, Music, Guides & More apparently its a keyblade encyclopedia. kinda cool i guess, right?
  16. noheartx

    A Topic All About Braig.

    So, I've recently restarted playing Birth By Sleep, and I've been thinking about this a lot. Braig is one of my favorite characters in the series, and yet he is still somewhat of a mystery. He got a very big role in Birth By Sleep, and I just wanted to open up a topic about him, because there...
  17. noheartx

    Deep Space a real world?

    OK, so i was just playing BBS, and i thought of something. Is Deep Space technically a world? I mean it is a space ship, so it could come in contact with other worlds right? Im kinda confused.
  18. noheartx

    What happened to the hearts?

    So, what happened to Terra's, Xehanort's and Eraqus' hearts. Like, i know no one really knows who controlled what as in Ansem SOD and Xemnas, but where did their hearts go? I mean, they had to go somewhere right? Im sure something like this has been asked before, but i was just thinking about...
  19. noheartx

    Maybe spoilers idk...clarification on something

    So i was looking at another thread and it said BBS Vol2 is a game. is that truem I'm a little confused. If it is a game then what is it about?
  20. noheartx

    New Stuff?

    Is there anything new in BBSFM besides the bosses like new keyblades or something? And are there prizes for beating the new bosses?