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  1. Sora The Key

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix Website Update

    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX | SQUARE ENIX in the title with "New" in it. There is some new information about the Man in Armor it looks like. Called "Armor of the Master". I found out by KH official Twitter. Also has something with the Mirage Arena xDD I didnt really pay attention...
  2. Sora The Key

    Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded | Birth By Sleep | Days OST Wesbite

    I saw a couple of days ago about the OST But didnt know they had a site I don't know where this belong, and I dont know if it been posted. But they have a music site for it ???????? ?????????????? | SQUARE ENIX Its gonna be on sale 2.22.2011. for 3,800 Yen Like i said I I didnt know if this...
  3. Sora The Key

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix - Play - Asia Pre-orders are now open

    Buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (Final Mix) (Sony PSP™) - Play-Asia.com Dunno if people know so I just thought I can link it. thats all.
  4. Sora The Key

    R.I.P. Nachi Nozawa

    Space Adventure Cobra Voice Actor Nachi Nozawa Passes Away - Anime News Network He was the voice of Vexen, and Even in the Kingdom Hearts Series & Hojo of the FFVII Series for Japan. ): He died yesterday(In Japan it would be the 30th), at the age of 72. We will miss his creepy laugh D:
  5. Sora The Key

    How do you obtain the Secret Ending?(May Contain Spoilers)

    I beat the game. But I would like to know how to get it, if anyone who beaten it, and got the secret ending please help. and put it in spoilers so other people may not want to know please.
  6. Sora The Key

    Re:Coded Case Pictures.

    Re:Coded Case Pictures. Cover, I had to get it in a angle to have the light hit it Backcover - same as Cover. inside + Instruction booklet cover, and game card So yeah, if you want pictures of inside the instruction booklet. Just ask :D
  7. Sora The Key

    Did anyone Import Re:Coded??

    I imported it. I had it on Pre-order. It just arrived :3. ~ gonna play it. Has anyone Imported it?
  8. Sora The Key

    Re:Coded at TGS2010 Demo Gameplay

    Re:Coded at TGS2010 Demo Gameplay Meh, I was looking at my Subscription on youtube and I am subscribed to Famitsutube YouTube - ?TGS2010?????? ??? Re:????????? v/exUlJcW1mgA It talks about stuff in Japanese, and it shows gameplay alittle I guess.
  9. Sora The Key


    Re:Coded I was at the Member Blog of Square-enix members. and I was reading and it says this Idk if anyone noticed or not, or this thread has been made, I'm just wondering, so it does say 2011. Sorry if I am late. xDD Source: Blog | SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS
  10. Sora The Key

    Movie UMD Case?

    I dont know if it is called a UMD Case. But anyways I noticed last night, that it had the movie symbol on my BBS disc, and I checked all my other games, and it has the PS/PS2 Controller Symbol(Even my JPN BBS had the Game symbol on it). Here is my ENG BBS Disc/UMD case. Lol probably the most...
  11. Sora The Key

    Has your BBS shipped yet?

    Mine just shipped :D. Just wondering who ever pre-ordered there from Amazon to get Release Date Delivery, has shipped yet?
  12. Sora The Key

    Terra's Ultima Cannon

    I'm just wondering where to get this Shot Lock Command, I don't where to get it, please anyone who knows how tell me. Thanks :3
  13. Sora The Key

    Heartless Card Help

    Hey, I need help collection Heartless cards. I have 87% done on my Journal and Is there like a Room where you can get them the most?? Edit: Here is What I recorded of my Journal YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories - My Journal -Need Help-
  14. Sora The Key

    Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Card Collecting Help

    I know I asked this before. But this when Only the Japanese one was the only released. But Now that the English Been out for a while have anyone got these 2 Cards, Called the Gold and Platnium Cards. I use to have pictures of them, But I can't seem to find them. Lemme See if the Video is still...
  15. Sora The Key

    Re:CoM - Key to Rewards Card Guide

    Re:CoM - Key to Rewards Card Guide Hey everyone! Sora the Key is back! Well sort of. little updates here, I am doing this for all versions of Re:Chain of Memories. Including 2007 JPN, 2008 ENG release, and Also Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. Big Size Bolded...
  16. Sora The Key

    Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Sleights help

    Does anyone know what level you get Ragnarok and Mega Flare. It been over a year since I got them in the Japanese Verison, and I forgot how to get them, and i want to get them in the English, and i dont know what level. please help No Ragnarok isnt Lv 47 in ReCoM thats CoM. I want the ReCoM. I...
  17. Sora The Key

    Gamestop Online

    Has anyone Order "Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories" off of the Gamestop Online store and The status says Shipping? Because mine still says Pending, and I payed for overnight Shipping, It been like that since 8 in the morning. Im just wondering, do the people that order online at Gamestop do...
  18. Sora The Key

    IGN's Review

    Hey, Um Sorry if this has already been made or heard of. But this morning I went to IGN.com to check it out. and The Gave ReCoM a Rating and Review check it out. IGN Review
  19. Sora The Key

    Ultima Weapon for KHFM

    Hey, Im have Trouble getting Ultima Weapon on Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. I have Ultima Weapon on Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts II, and KHIIFM+. Just not Final Mix, its alot harder and longer seems like. Any help?
  20. Sora The Key

    I need Help with

    Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories How to get teh Gold and Silver Crown Cards? Also known as Gold Card Platinum Card I been wondering?