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    Humans and their Nobodies

    Ok I looked through the forums and couldn't find any threads devoted solely to this... But I was somewhat disappointed by the appearance of the apprentices in the new trailer. They look exactly like their Nobodies (save for Xaldin whose hair was different). So I got to thinking, what if a...
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    KH3, return of MX?

    I have a theory that is most likely false, but here we go.... If the Terra+MX=Xehanort theory is correct, then when Xehanort became a Heartless it's possible that MX separated from Terra. Terra would therefore become a whole being once again and MX would return, giving us another antagonist for...
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    Room of Awakening

    In the new Famitsu scans, there is a picture of Saix and Axel talking. Saix says, "...the concealed room, the place Xion was born---". Xemnas has control of the Room of Sleep and in the scene between Xigbar and Zexion in KH2FM, Xigbar refers to the "other room", or the "Room of Awakening". It...
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    Riku, Kairi, and Roxas info

    Ok I've gotten rather annoyed with all the people saying that Kairi is not a keyblade wielder. I have some news for those of you saying this: It's been confirmed by Nomura. Kingdom Hearts: Another Report Pages 28 & 29 - Kingdom Hearts 3 (9) Also, while you're looking at that, be sure and take...
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    The 14th member's hair is blue!!! This could mean that I've been wrong this entire time and Xion is Aqua, or it could just be irrelevant.
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    Roxas has a heart?

    I have a theory about Roxas having a heart. When Sora became a Heartless, he wasn't one for very long (and was probably the first person to revert from Heartless to human). Sora said something about how he was forgetting things over time. This may have been his soul transferring to his Nobody...
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    Keyblade wielder theory

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think I've come up with two acceptable theories. 1. In Kingdom Hearts: Another Report, it states that anyone can wield a keyblade if they have a strong enough heart and if that keyblade accepts them. When Terra was at Sunset Horizon, he picked...
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    I have a theory. Tell me if this has already been done. Perhaps Ven is Sora's brother, but left when he was young to become a Keyblade wielder. Sora was maybe 4 or 5 back then and his memory hadn't fully developed, therefore the memories of his brother stayed in his heart, locked away from his...
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    Limit Bar

    In a 358/2 Days scan, it had a mysterious bar called the Limit Bar. I'm going with the idea that it's for limit attacks and that each character will have one. What should each character do? Xemnas: Dark dimension attack with all the laser beams Xigbar: Sniper mode or the thousand bullets thing...
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    Organization XIII

    I found this when I was looking up Kingdom Hearts: Another Report. VIII. "When the heartless are defeated, what becomes of the stolen hearts? Also, when members of Organization XIII and other Nobodies are defeated, do they return to their original form?" TN: "When heartless are defeated...