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  1. TheGreatEphemera

    Screw Captain Dark/Justice on Fruitball, scratch that screw Fruitball in general

    After getting the Xbox collection for Kingdom Hearts, i’ve decided to do a 100% playthrough on Standard for each game and by god I want to strangle the person who came up with Fruitball (and Disney town for that matter). The fact you got to do it three times for each character makes it even more...
  2. TheGreatEphemera

    No story update for May

    As title says, there was no story update at all for May, neither Global nor JP got an update and as far as I can tell, there is no information about this either. This is suspicious though as this post https://www.khinsider.com/news/KINGDOM-HEARTS-Dark-Road-delayed-more-info-in-early-June-16872...
  3. TheGreatEphemera

    Dark Road ► So we are in May now...

    A while back in January, this post was made stating a new game is coming out in Spring, that game having now revealed to be Dark Road. https://www.khinsider.com/news/Square-Enix-announces-brand-new-Kingdom-Hearts-mobile-game-16478 Now we are in May, which is the last month of Spring and so far...
  4. TheGreatEphemera

    The real reason why the Player's memories of the Keyblade War were erased...

    (Don't know if it belongs here or not)
  5. TheGreatEphemera

    Whats with the MA892 posts lately?

    Has anyone noticed a bunch of threads (all written in Korean i think) with MA892 or something? I googled translate it and it was just a repeat of the words "Horse Race" over and over again. Probably a scam or something and if so, be careful.