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    Days for Ps3

    hey, i was wondering if they were going to make sometime in the future, a days remake, thgough WAY out in the future, it's possible right? they make a COM remake why not Days, just a thought It would be really cool
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    (Re:COM) Leveling

    I'm starting a new game on my RE:COM and i was wondering how i should spread my stats for building powerful decks, but having a lot of health at the same time with all the sleights anybody got some ideas?
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    Importing KH II FM+

    Can i get some help, i'd like to download KHII FM+ bu i don't know what kind of cd's to use nor what site i can download it safely from, oh also will it work on an english ps2?
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    Axel and Saix

    this is just an arrant thought, but after seeing the new Bbs trailer with even, elaeus, and Dilan will the game show the connection between saix's other and lea (axel's other) as well?