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    Power's back on

    Not that anyone missed me or anything, but I'm back. To make a long story short, the power went off for several days, and I had to sit through 2 days of 50-40º inside, no video games, and no heat. Anyone who missed me at all is welcome to post, despite there being so few of you. The rest may...
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    KHI Ultimate? Hardly.

    I've been using the KHI Ultimate theme for a while now, and recently, I've noticed a couple things. Why can't I change some of my settings (such as my profile) on this theme, but I can on the Forum Default theme?
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    Kairi's dumb poem

    What is it supposed to mean? Also, she didn't write it; she stole it from the movie in the first game that plays when you don't press any buttons on the "Press Start" screen. It's also in the KH2 version. Can't she think for herself XD? EDIT: Forgot to apologize in advance. Sorry if it's been...
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    BBS Voice Actors

    Have they been announced yet? For example, do we know if Jessie Macarthy is voice acting for Ventus? Or if Xehanort's (old or new; I want old) VA will do Terra?
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    Whelp, I'm lost

    I thought I could find it again, but I guess I can't. I'm such a loser >_<. Where's the thread that explains in high detail how to get higher rep, and so on? I think it said some stuff, but I can't find it again to be sure.
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    Wait... what?

    In KH2, during your second visit to The Land Of Dragons, the Emporer says the boss you fought there was a dragon turned into a Heartless. But how can this be? It clearly had an Emblem on it (sorry I can't provide a picture :( ) so by correct standards, this Heartless was artificial, and thus...
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    Perhaps a very stupid question

    What makes Coded and Mobile different? Please forgive me, I didn't see anything explaining it. I was given the impression they were the same =/.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    My greatest disapointment would either be the loss of the "platformer" element, or the world "Space Paranoids". I mean, really? No tanks? No (forget what they're called. It's those weird-shaped floating things the MCP uses)? Not even Bit? And I had such high hopes for the Light Cycle....
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    Wait. RE: memory?

    What is the memory capacity for RE: CoM? You CAN play as both Sora and Riku, right? How does that file system work? I'm sorry if this is obvious/been discussed.
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    I can't remember how to get Areoa, aside from getting all the Dalmation puppies. I couldn't find a thread for this already, so....
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    Artificial Nobodies and Riku's Body+Soul

    I was just thinking; I looked through the Ansem Reports, and apparently all Heartless with the crests on them were created artificially. In KH1, a character is running in Traverse Town, and falls to the ground with a horrified look on his face. His heart went into the Darkness, and out came a...
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    Deleted scene?

    In a KH2 trailer I saw a few years ago, there was this scene where Donald is yelling something at Goofy, and Goofy looks dazed. He flails back and forth slightly, and Donald looks really mad, and cast a Blizzard spell, but it misses and bounces off the wall, shoots off the ceiling, and freezes...
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    That voice....

    At the beginning and ending of Kingdom Hearts (1) there's a voice (w/o a VA) who tells (and asks) Sora stuff. Who is that voice? King Mickey? This just occurred to me, since I started my game over again, and I wanted to know who (if it's important) that voice was. I'm sorry if this has been...
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    Trailer Translations... please?

    I just watched a trailer for 358/2 Days, and I couldn't understand it. Does anyone have tranlastions? BTW, this is the trailer where at the end, Xion is talking to Naminé and starts to remove her hood. If you want to post a link to a/all videos, please make sure it's a youtube one. Videos on...
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    The Home page seems a little outdated. For example, it still says KH2FM+ is a future release game. I was wondering how often they update it. Sorry if this has been discussed.
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    Rep questions

    How does it work? How come I can only negarep once? How do I get higher than 1? Can it be undone? If so, how? Sorry, I just wanted to know.
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    Why Namine?

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but this seemed appropriate. Why do some people insist Sora and Namine should be together? After all, Kairi fused with Namine, and Roxas with Sora, so I don't see how Sora could do ANYTHING with Namine, and not Kairi. BTW, I'm curious how they will interact in...
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    Too easy?

    Proud Mode, Expert Mode, it doesn't make much of a difference. KH1 was kind of a challenge, but KH2 was made out to be more... easy. The Reaction Commands were innovative, but it made killing enemies all too easy. Hit triangle and you either defeat an enemy or paralyze it. Or maybe it would...
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    The Future of Magic in KH

    What kinds of magic would SDG have in the next game, and how would they work? Remember Aero? It didn't attack anyone, it acted as a sheild; much like Protect in other Final Fantasy games. I'm thinking... Protect Shell Water Flare Regen Poison Drain Osmose (Thank goodness THESE won't be needed)...
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    Some questions

    (I wasn't sure what to put for search...) Some stuff in KH2 wasn't really clear to me. Like: why did Mickey and Riku wear cloaks normally worn by members of Organization XIII? Why did Riku wear a blindfold (and why was he able to still fight?)? I saw a cutscene where Roxas was remembering the...