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  1. Jakek9

    Fandub of This Scene (Anyone want to voice Xion?)

    Hey, Wanted to do a fandub of this scene YouTube - 358/2 Days, English cutscene: 19 - Xion and Axel Face Off But I need a Xion. Anyone up for it? Pleaassse? lol.
  2. Jakek9

    Ventus Meets Lea Fandub

    YouTube - Ventus Meets Isa and Lea [Fan Dub] ENG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrewhgtoVTg It's my first fandub, and when I did Ventus I was still in my Lea voice so they sounded REALLY similar. It's my first so please don't be to harsh, though constructive criticism is welcome. Ya, my mic...
  3. Jakek9


    Are you telling me, that all those Keyblade wielders that fought each other, couldn't figure out how to create the X-blade? MX wasn't exactly the smartest cookie, but he still managed to create it. You would think another Master or wielder would have figure it out, because didn't MX base most of...
  4. Jakek9


    I get chills when I feel great emotion in something, so it's a personal reference. But I got chills at in Kh2 when Roxas said "Looks Like my summer vacation is over" and then the logo came up. In Kh1 when Sora and Kairi let they're hands go. And in Days when Xion....you know. When did you...
  5. Jakek9

    BBS to KH2

    Lets think of BBS as the first game. IF IT WAS, how do you think the rest of the series would look like? Would KH1 be as it would? Probably not, it would probably relate more to Re: Coded. And KH2 would probably Stellar if BBS was first. not to mention everything would look alot better visual...
  6. Jakek9

    Critical Mode Brothers

    I don't recommend you post in here, UNLESS you are starting out with critical mode RIGHT away. Imma call you my Critical Mode brothers. lol, we actually want frustrations and a challenge to enlighten us throughout the game. So lets simply chat about the difficulty: Critical Mode. I personally...
  7. Jakek9

    Cover Art

    What do you think should BE on the cover art? I like it fine as it is, but if I could I would add Vanitas somewhere in there. Other then that I like the cover. :3 Whatabout you guys?
  8. Jakek9

    Steam Powered

    Any of you own a steam? If so what games? Post a screenie? lol. Steam Username: Jakek509 So post yours?
  9. Jakek9

    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Imma take a vote? Who preordered BBS so far? I just did today. lol. Also, whata think the Pre-order bonus will be? Do ya think it'll be more than postcards this time around?
  10. Jakek9

    Do we want this?

    Do we want the Team working on Versus doing KH3? Weren't the the ones to work on KH2? With the new system everybody seems to love, don't you think KH3 will go back to the Kh2fm system? Or the Kh2 system updated to include limits like Kh1? Or do you think the Versus team will use the Osaka...
  11. Jakek9


    It has been hinted. But do we have online for BBS yet? No one knows. Online doesn't mean Ad-hoc, it's means online, infrastructure whatever. In the E3 demo there was an Online option barely visible if being watched on Video. Recently a German pre-order bonus was discovered with this description...
  12. Jakek9

    First Multiplayer?

    Sorry if I sound like a noob, but on the back of 358/2 days it says that it is the first in the series that utilizes multiplayer. This is wrong, COM was the first. This obviosuly has been clarified on here before, but I can't find a similar thread. I'm kinda wondering went down, and why was it...
  13. Jakek9

    Easy Smeasy?

    Why does this game look so easy? Truthfully the commands make the game look super easy. Not to mention some of the boses. I plan on choosing Critical Mode on all the characters when BBS comes out, but I have a feeling it might be extremely easy. KH1 was allright with heartless, I could still...
  14. Jakek9

    The Inevitable?

    Weird title. Anyways, this is about the release date of Birth By Sleep. Game Informer announced that Square said that it would be coming out this summer. But it's about 1 month away and Square usually gives us a release date months before the actual date. So why would they keep their mouths...
  15. Jakek9

    Keyblade Contest (PRIZES!) XD

    Ok guys. How you all doing? haha. Anyways, basically I'm setting up a contest right here and now. It is about making some of the most artistic and creative looking FUTURE keyblades. So, this competition will be for you to draw/create a keyblade with some sort of theme. it doesn't have to be...
  16. Jakek9


    I notice Ven has a doge roll and Block and glide. Terra has quick run? and block. And aqua has that Cart Roll thing. So do you equip abilities in this game, or is it like Re: COM? Everything gets equipped when the times right? I don't think this is a spoiler but eh, you never know.
  17. Jakek9

    Final Boses, anyone else think this?

    Everyone goes on about who Kingdom Hearts 1's final boss was way harder than Kingdom Hearts II final boss. Well, am I the only one who found Kingdom Hearts 1 boss to be easier? I killed him first try, all forms. While it took multiple times to try and kill Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II. ???? eh?
  18. Jakek9

    Worth it?

    So I might get Re;COM today...is it truthfully worth it? I didn't like COM very much. But hey, Re: Com looks fun. So is it still fun enough to enjoy for hours? Truthfully, I'm not to certain if I should get it. I want to complete my KH collection (American) so this is a must have for me...
  19. Jakek9

    KH3 Ideas

    So I have some cool ideas for KH3 (gameplay wise) -DLC content that would feature more boss battles, keyblades, abilities and other options to make the game like a final mix in a way. But for all countries receiving KH3. -The choice between using the O button to attack or the X button. -...
  20. Jakek9


    I joined but never posted my introduction so here it is...... Yaa. Watashi no namae wa Jake Translation: Hi, my name is Jake. I speak some Japanese.....some.... But anyways, the only reason I joined is because for some reason I became addicted to KH lately. I've played it for years, and...