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  1. siegleeagle

    FINAL FANTASY Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX): Official Game Guides

    So I just got mine in the mail today and they are very nice! I do have a question though. They are advertised as being "redesigned and updated with new content." Does anyone know whats been updated yet? I am planing on skimming through the Final Fantasy 9 guide because I have read the original...
  2. siegleeagle

    Final Fantasy 7,8,9 Game Guide Box Set

    Hey guys I was searching the web and noticed places like Amazon and Gamestop had listings for a boxed set of guides with the name I put in the title. I did some research and saw a lot of news sites posting about this with pictures from the san diego comicon of the actual set. Is this a real...
  3. siegleeagle

    COM Ultimania Non Nomura Interviews

    I was reading all of the interviews in the archives and I was wondering if anyone knows if the interviews from the battle, sound, map teams are translated for any of the ulimanias? I found a very obscure website that had them for the first game's ultimania, but I can't a site that has COM's...
  4. siegleeagle

    The biggest let down (NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!)

    Okay I have a really big question for you all and I don't know exactly where to put it so here it goes. Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts 2 are considered to be let downs/ hated by a lot of people, but which one would you say was the bigger let down and why?
  5. siegleeagle

    Kingdom Hearts Game's File Sizes

    Does anyone know or can anyone point me to where I can find the file sizes of each kingdom hearts game including remakes (excluding the original coded)? My second question is can you all tell me the max file sizes of the storage medias of the ps2, gameboy advanced, ds, psp, 3ds, and psp please?
  6. siegleeagle

    Translation Guides

    How long does it usually take for a translation guide come out for cutscenes and extra content in the final mixes. I didnt see a complete translation of the script for the original japanese birth by sleep until strawberrymilk posted her videos on youtube which was the summer after it came out...
  7. siegleeagle

    Hand Held Games and the Primary Colors

    Has any one noticed that the three newest games all announced at the same time are colored by the 3 primary colors red, blue, and yellow. I was just sittin here thinking and wanted to see if you all noticed/thought about it..
  8. siegleeagle

    Final Mix II and Re:Chain of Memories

    What is unlocked by beating chain of memories first in kingdom hearts II final mix? I have seen so many articles mention that if you beat Re:Chain of Memories first in this set that there are some things unlocked in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.
  9. siegleeagle

    Birth By Sleep Translation Question

    Okay I know about strwbrymilk's translated cutscenes but I want to know if there are any translations for the word bubbles in the game. You know the ones that aren't voiced but it is still plot related dialog or they are instructions for the player to go get/do something.
  10. siegleeagle

    Re:Coded Available for Pre-Order at Amazon!!!!

    Re:Coded Available for Pre-Order at Amazon!!!! Didn't see this anywhere but Re:Coded is up for preorder at amazon. Here is the link: Amazon.com: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded: Video Games
  11. siegleeagle

    Final Mixes

    Okay I did not know where to put this so if it needs to be moved then please i would be pleased. I have been reading through these forums and in general I see from most users that everyone hopes that a final mix is not made and that they don't like the final mixes in general. I do see the...
  12. siegleeagle

    The Keyblade Wars

    After talking on one of the threads I got curious as to what people may think of this idea. Would you all like a trilogy of Kingdom Hearts games that involve the story of the keyblade wars? I for one am very interested in the mystery of the keyblade wars!
  13. siegleeagle

    Riku and Xehanort Theory

    Ok so I just got done reading the xehanort reports and thought of this. Xehanort says in the reports that he is going to take the comatose ven to his home to die/fade/whatever away in peace. This scene is the very begging scene with ven shirtless on destiny islands. So Xehanort is from destiny...
  14. siegleeagle


    Haven't seen a recent post about .hack in a while so I figured I would make one so we can discuss. So do you all like it? Kingdom Hearts and .hack are my two number one favorite series of not just games but everything in the world!!
  15. siegleeagle

    Hey do you think KH3 will have a final mix?

    I don't know if they will because with the new generation consoles they could add all they wanted to the first version, but then again ya never know! If t does I hope its for ps3 because ps3 games aren't region protected and i could buy it without having to use swap magic or something. (not sure...
  16. siegleeagle

    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Menu Translations!

    Ok I have done a search and none of the posts iv seen include translations for anything but the new cutscenes! I know that its pretty much the same but i still need one. By the way I am talking about the first final mix not 2. Anyway I want to know where to find translation for the beginning...
  17. siegleeagle

    Where to buy swap magic?

    Um what is the the best place to buy swap magic from?
  18. siegleeagle

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix Cutscenes?

    Okay I went to the search bar and typed in this and nothing came up so...... I have been searching for a while and I cannot find any of the scenes from the first final mix subbed anywhere. I can find the second games subbed but not the first. Does anyone know where I can view them, download...