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  1. Gabo

    What are some good places to visit in the UK?

    Or Europe in general. I'm going there for school for six months starting this Friday, but I've got no real tourist destinations in mind as of yet.
  2. Gabo

    Is anyone else's weather beyond screwed right now?

    I'm in RI and it's yet to snow. We're not expected to have snow until February supposedly. Is anywhere else having as ridiculous of weather?
  3. Gabo

    Is anyone still on from when I was active?

    God knows everyone changed their name and icons so often it'd be impossible for me to guess who's who now. Anyone still out there?
  4. Gabo

    Lit ► The Pact

    Okay, so I went out on a limb and decided to read this novel my friend recommended to me, called the Pact. Surprisingly I liked it a lot. Anyone else out there read it?
  5. Gabo

    If you could..

    Take back one decision you've made in your life, what would it be? Discuss. And please no 'I wouldn't take anything back' or 'I have no regrets!'. Just don't post if that's the case.
  6. Gabo

    Have you ever gotten in a fight?

    Have you ever gotten in a fight? Or gotten close to one? Discuss.
  7. Gabo

    Do you feel that you're living life?

    Do you feel that you're living life? Or just kinda wasting it away? Its hard to explain what I'm asking, but attempt to discuss?
  8. Gabo

    How does your online persona compare to yourself in real life?

    I'm pretty sure the title explains it all, but anyways. How are you different online than you are in person? I know that some people are assholes online while they can be timid as a mouse in person. Others though can have the benefit of being assholes no matter where they are. xD Do you act...
  9. Gabo

    How do you want your worlds?

    In KH1, the worlds were massive. There were several rooms and multiple routes you could take to reach a destination. Hell, you could even get lost or like in Monstro, fall down and have to run around to get back to where you once were. In KH2, the worlds (with the exception of Twilight Town)...
  10. Gabo

    In The Land Of Women

    Starring Adam Brody and Jodi Foster and Kristen Stewart. yeahhh I just watched that for the second time. its been a really long time though. Opinions on it? With the exception of the ending, I liked it
  11. Gabo

    Their pain has been lessened

    Yeah. So now we know that there is yet another message in the journal. Odd, eh? I can't help but think of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It seems as if the journal might actually be talking to them in a way. Its awkward to explain and I don't really believe it, but it seems like the...
  12. Gabo


    A lot of people are being banned lately. But among them, I noticed PMF and NeoAdamus are banned now. Why them? Enlighten me.
  13. Gabo

    Lit ► Twilight-Breaking Dawn

    was absolute crap. Yeah. Meyer was able to screw that up pretty bad. Discuss.\ There will be spoilers. I don't want to use spoiler boxes. So if you don't read the first post, you're an idiot anyways. Read at your own risk.
  14. Gabo


    14th. A brief recap of Xion, the 14th member of the XIII Order. -She has something to do with his memories. -She wields a keyblade, which she claims is real and Riku claims is fake -Riku believes her to be a Nobody (I'd first like to announce this theory is going on the assumption Ven's...
  15. Gabo

    Ven's Keyblade=Sora's Keyblade

    I have posted a similar theory to this, but this one has a few key changes. ..That pun definitely wasn't intended. As you can clearly see, Ven's keyblade has a significant resemblance to that of Sora's Kingdom Key. In the secret ending of KH2FM+, we see Ven's keyblade break in half upon...
  16. Gabo


    Yeah. So I just finished watching the third Digimon movie. Well, the original Japanese movie. And I have to say, it was fairly amazing. Any other fans still out there?
  17. Gabo

    A Link

    Here is a theory I originally posted back in December of last year. With the new information that has arose which further helps it, I feel I should post it YET AGAIN. Part One- Coded to 358/2 Days In Coded, the premise of the game is to discover the meaning of a phrase written in Jiminy's...
  18. Gabo

    Let's talk about....drugs.

    Drugs. Yay. Fun. What drugs have you done? If anything? Any experiences worth telling others about? Your views on them? Let's talk. ;)
  19. Gabo

    VAT's Master.

    Of all the characters seen thus far in BBS, one character has received little attention from those of KHinsider. This character being VAT's mysterious master. Most people on here are curious about DS or Aqua, with them being the characters constantly kept underwraps. However, even less...
  20. Gabo

    Attractive Famous People?

    What famous people are you attracted to? Actors, musicians, the works. Show a picture if you'd like?