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    Quests' Theories

    A) When Apprentice Xehanort lost his heart, Ansem SOD was more of MX, while Xemnas was more of Terra. Why?: - Ansem SOD wanted the universe to be controlled by darkness, and the Heartless and Riku's Dark Form suit were based off of the Unversed & Vanitas' suit. - Xemnas only wanted to become...
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    Pocahontas in BBS?

    If you look at the official BBS website, you will see a gameplay video that shows Aqua in Pocahontas' World/Virginia (?) KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep System>KHBbS>Second Tab Screenshot: There is a Totem Pole, and Teepees surrounding the area. The BGM is Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden Battle...
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    Saix is a Xemnas jock?

    I was trying to refresh my memory by watching cutscenes, and I saw Hollow Bastion: Fifth Visit (vs. Demyx, Goofy 'Dies', Great Maw) And when SDG is talking to Saix, he quotes the lines of Xemnas in the beginning of 358/2 Days. YouTube - Hollow Bastion: Fifth Visit (Part 2)
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    Ven should have a Ukulele.

    Since Ven carries small, light weapons, if any 'joke weapon' is made, he should have a ukulele. Why?: -Light -Small -If you hold the neck backwards, it fits perfectly like his keyblade -Deep Space/Hawaii is implemented, so it would perfectly go along with it. mb if this is kinda whack or in the...
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    The tutorials messed up?

    This is a useless screw up by SE, but I guess it's mentionable. In Tutorials menu, 'Powering Up Abilities' and 'Hunting for Heartless' are mixed up. (The name is there, but the info is switched around)
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    I fell to my death.

    I was fighting the Chill Ripper, and I used Limit Break. The next thing I know I'm falling through the floor -_- Anything like this happen to you?
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    Disney hates the obese.

    Ah, random thought.. 'Large Body' heartless are implemented so much in this game.. Maybe Disney is trying to teach kids to hate (or beat up) fat people. haha. I'm sorry if this is random/off topic, I just thought this was funny :)
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    America's Best Dance Crew Season 4

    So last night, the Champion of Season 4 was revealed, being WE ARE HEROES (I love them) Who did you think deserved to be ABDC4 Champion?
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    1000 Nobody Battle?

    So, right after you defeat Final Xemnas, a bajillion Dusks come out. Would you like it if you were able to battle them? (Like 1000 Heartless battle) Maybe they could add additional Nobodies because the only reaction you get from Dusks are Reversal. I know this is impossible now, but yeah, would...
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    Hello :)

    Hi KHInsider people, I'm new here, but I have been using KHInsider.com for a very long time. I've wanted to get more into KH's storyline, so I figured I should join. Hope the community's nice, and I hope to see you around :)