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  1. Morgenstern

    Theory on the fate of the Dandelions

    Okay I'm spoiler-tagging this thread just in case. Because this regards Ava's role and the metaphor the Master of Masters used (and BlackOpsery's thread and her bring up what a dandelion does in said thread inspired this theory). It was mentioned that after the Keyblade War, there were children...
  2. Morgenstern

    The Foretelers and Animalistic keyblades (spoilers?)

    Okay so we all know that the Foretellers are named after 5 of the Seven Deadly Sins. But they seem to have other symbolism related to a specific interpetation The Foretellers an their Unions are assocated with an Animal. Ava's animal theme is Foxes, Invi's is Snakes, Gula's are leopards, Ira's...
  3. Morgenstern

    Question about Medals

    (man its been a while since I logged here) I was wonering if any of the Org XIII medals are in the game.
  4. Morgenstern

    What keyblades do you want to see return in KHIII

    Okay so as some of you know, There are some recurring Keyblade in KH that Sora can use (Kingdom Key, Ultima Weapon, Oathkeeper and Oblivion), while there are other keyblades that appear in multiple games with mutiple wielders (Three Wishes, Lady Luck, Treasure Trove, Star Seeker, Olympia...
  5. Morgenstern

    Time Travel Theory. Older than we think?

    And now for the reason I signed up for this forum. I have a theory on Xehanort's Time Traveling methods. The theory is that someone else time traveled the same way, all the way in the first game In Kingdom Hearts 1 there is a scene where Sora watches a toddler-aged Kairi listing to a story told...
  6. Morgenstern


    Hello, I am Morgenstern, been playing the games since II's released (In fact I was introduced to the series via a Youtube AMV) I played through all the games and am currently playing BBS on the PS3 (preety much wrapped up Aqua's and Ventus' stories and am doing Terra's now) I'll be posting in...