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  1. FudgemintGuardian

    Why do people keep saying KH2 is better than KH3?

    That guy's post perfectly summarizes KH3's issues. The sad thing is it could have been good. Or at least less terrible. I've always wanted cellphones in KH so the story didn't slow down by forcing Sora into everything so he can interact with X character. Instead the majority of the time it's...
  2. FudgemintGuardian

    Going forward.... Are we DONE with Agrabah and Olympus Colliseum now?

    *sings "sand" repeatedly to the tune of "A Whole New World"* Agrabah and Olympus no longer returning would require Nomura and the team ignorantly dismissing all the unused material from both properties. Aladdin still has King of Thieves. Both still have their respective TV shows, and there's...
  3. FudgemintGuardian

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Everyone is Here! | December 7th 2018

    They really went all out with Joker. Wasn't expecting them to also recreate P5's victory screen.
  4. FudgemintGuardian

    Kingdom Hearts III - Photo Mode Thread

    I can't blame him. It might be a good spot to find some ingredients.
  5. FudgemintGuardian

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    And how there would be no version of them to go to. I assume it's the other method Darkness mentioned to Maleficent. Which I also assume is the way Lauriam and crew were sent to present time.
  6. FudgemintGuardian

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    A month now since the Ultimania and I'm still bugged about the status given to Ansem, Xemnas, Vanitas, Terranort, and Dark Riku. They all came from the past (and listed as such) yet unlike with Young Xehanort it doesn't say they went back to the past after their defeats like they're supposed...
  7. FudgemintGuardian

    The Sleeping Realm Theory

    And everyone thought Nomura was joking with the II.9 title card.
  8. FudgemintGuardian

    KH3 deleted scenes

    So Riku should have tried licking Sora, then.
  9. FudgemintGuardian

    Sora and Riku's new clothes for next game.

    Watch us suffer for the millionth time when Sora's entry fee into the Reapers' game turns out to be growing up and he reverts to his KH1 self.
  10. FudgemintGuardian

    Sora and Riku's new clothes for next game.

    I don't see them changing outfits just yet, but I would like if Riku wore something that didn't look like a rejected Sora design. If I can't do this then what's even the point of going to TWEWY, ya know?
  11. FudgemintGuardian

    KH3 deleted scenes

    If Yozora means "Night Sky" like Noctis Caelum, then it's likely the others expies will follow suit and share name meanings with their counterparts. So whatever "Fire Nerd" "Sword Bro" and "Star Sword" would be. Although I can see Nomura going with "Shield Bro" and "Flower" (fleurette) instead...
  12. FudgemintGuardian

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Source of the Abnormality

    Thank you so much for this graphic. It really helps a lot! So could this be how everyone is brought to present time then?
  13. FudgemintGuardian

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    The mention of Donald and Goofy in the Praises thread about them not gaining Keyblades just made me realize that Sora doesn't have Keyblades based off of them. We have one for Kairi, Riku, Roxas, and Axel, but not these two goobers and now I'm sad.
  14. FudgemintGuardian

    Kingdom Hearts Praises

    Rapunzel in awe of everything during her little detours is adorable as FRICK! ^ Not a single character gained one and that feels great! Please keep it that way Nomura! ;A;
  15. FudgemintGuardian

    3rd Anniversary

    I'm not good at encouragement so...don't worry! Sucking will get you to the center of that tootsie pop! But you had fun and that matters just as much! I'm jealous you got to stay in a fancy hotel. I couldn't help it. XD Shocked Riku is adorable.
  16. FudgemintGuardian

    Let's talk about Kairi in a different perspective?

    It'll turn out Visual Works Character Prototype was for Kingdom Hearts all along. Yozora has a blue right eye and red left eye, while in the end of the video the pink-haired woman has the same colored eyes in reverse order.
  17. FudgemintGuardian

    Art is Eternaaaaaaal!

    @Perkilator Okay I got one done! I wanted to do one animal besides a frog and came up with a opossum. I wasn't originally, but since Dream Eaters are all about the color I went and did that. Traditional for linework. With coloring I like both though normally do digital.