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    Hey there everyone :D

    It's been a hell of a long time since I was on here and I finally remembered my password and stuff so I might as well get back to being active on here :D Though I don't think anyone remembers me lol but thats fine Im always up to making new friends :D
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    Hey Everyone

    Finally remember this site and decided to get back on lol its been a least 3 or 4 years since i last longed on was always busy with school but im back for now so ill be back on here and there =] lol if any of my old friends remember me that is haha
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    Im back finally

    Hello, everyone i`ve been away for a long time now b/c i lost cable for like a year and a half so im trying to catch up on anything new Im be glad if someone could help me out thanks ^__^
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    Co-op attack Video

    Does anybody have a link to a video that shows Sora and Riku doing a Co-op attack on Xemnas?
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    Driving in Pride Land

    I was wondering how does Sora hold both keyblades when he`s a cub?