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  1. Aurora Lark

    How far are you in the game?

    Since its been about a week since KH3 finally came out I was wondering how far peole have got through the game and whether yall like it.Wouldn't be surprised if some of you are done already :) Please no spoilers since Im stell in the middle of the Tangled world I believe. But I am LOVING IT and...
  2. Aurora Lark

    Your personal fighting style?

    If you were a key blade master in the world of KH what do you think your fighting style would be like? I’ll give you mine for example I think I would have parts of Ventus Sora and Riki’s styles. Ventus cause I’m small and shifty and I think that would translate to speed and fit that style...
  3. Aurora Lark

    Most challenging/frustrating mini games for y’all?

    This question has probably been asked and answerd countless times by now but I’m curious because I was playing BBS and I got reminded how much I just can’t seem to get the hang of Ice cream beat no matter how hard I try. I’m deaf so I have that but I try not to use that built in excuse...