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    Fanfiction ► Commander Shepard's Final Mission

    Hiyo! This is a Mass Effect fan fic that I decided to do because its my favorite game. I've never written a fan fic so If you have constructive criticism or have an interest in Mass Effect, please read. Thank you! The Normandy was empty. All but Shepard, Joker and EDI occupied the ship. Due to...
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    Time Travel Assistance.

    I need some help here. I've had this big discussion with some friends and family about time traveling to the future by means of traveling near the speed of light. This is, of course, theoretically possible. A second to a person traveling at such speeds would measure a second, but it'd be much...
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    What is this music called?

    Sexy holiday ad! What is the name of this song? Im trying to learn this version on piano. Any help would be hott! Thanks!
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    Lit ► Hyperion Series

    Has anyone read or even heard of the Hyperion Series? There are four books that include, "Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion and The Rise of Endymion." I just finished Endymion and cannot wait to start the last. Please respond if you've read any of these. The author is Dan Simmons, and I...
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    What song is this from??

    Okay. This vid is a clip from SNL in 2003. Chris Parnell is rapping for Jennifer Garner. I need help because I want to know the name of the song he is parodying... Whoever tells me gets x dollars! Please help! YouTube - Bloopers with jennifer garner rap (Chris Parnell)
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    God's Kingdom

    What do you believe God's Kingdom to be? In Matthew 6:9,10, Jesus teaches his followers to pray. In that prayer it says,"...Let your kingdom come." Millions of "christians" recite this prayer verbatim, but do not clearly understand what it means. Some churches teach it is in your heart while...
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    Explain Your Religion

    This is a question to those who follow a religion. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism...Jedism??...ect. What is the reason you follow that religion? Is it because it is convienient and more to your liking? Does it sound like truth to you? Please enlighten us on your beliefs and why you...
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    Son of God

    I have this question thats always bugged me about some members of "christianity". Why do you believe Jesus to be God? Please give me you best reasons for believing so. Reasonably... those reasons should be from the Bible itself. Here are just a few reasons for why I disagree with that belief...
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    A Humble Question

    The laws that cells use to form are based on what? Im no chemist or anything, but certain compounds create certain elements that in turn create things we use. What is this bast on? What set the laws for 2x atoms + 2y atoms = ????? ( bad analogy I know) The point is that down to each cell, it...
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    MGS Question

    Can someone confirm for me whether or not Big Boss is fertile? Im currently having a discussion about it and the guy insists that Big Boss is fertile. He has yet to site which game says it, so I ask you, if you have any info on this, please let me know.
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    Accuracy of Evolution???

    This isn't to start a violent debate, but I want to know if this response is reasonable and accurate. Anyone is free to respond. TOODLES
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    A Valid Reason

    Hello there, Okay. Its been awhile since I've written a KH theory so here goes. If pic doesn't show. http://s25.photobucket.com/albums/c70/Einon/?action=view&current=cm4.jpg While many people are already claiming this guy on the left to be Xehanort, I will claim the same thing, but with...
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    The King of Iron Fist Tournament

    Is anyone else excited about Tekken 6??? Anyways, who is your favorite character and hope they don't change to much of their move set? I hope like hell that Baek will return and they have him just as he is in DR. They made him a MUCH MUCH better character in DR than in Tekken 5. Any other...
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    Calling to the Night

    Has anyone played and beaten Metal Gear Solid : PO? If you have, then you should recognize the title of this thread. Its the ending theme song...to which I CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE. I would be forever grateful if someone could find it for me to download. =( please? Ciao
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    Death to Zexion

    Do you know what I hope and have a good feeling about? In this Re:Chain of Memories, I believe that they will actually show Zexion's death. Wouldn't it be great? How do you think Riku replica will do it? peh. We know it cannot be too gory or violent. Perhaps they wont show it on screen, but...
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    My Ramblings

    Okay, so I havent posted in awhile, meaning I dont exactly know whats been posted and what not, and im not about to read months of threads. So, I just have a few questions about whats been going on. In that secret movie..(is it officially called Sunset Horizon?).. you see the three NEW...
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    The La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo

    Hey..for those who are fond of Metal Gear. Do you think Vamp shall STILL be in MGS4 as previously mentioned by Kojima himself? If so, why didn't they show him in the latest trailer? ERRRR. Um.. Yea.
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    SPOILER perhaps

    So, we read Ansem's Secret reports. Especially....4, I think it is where he mentions the names of his apprentices. Even, Ienzo,ect...Who is BLEIG? I guess its there attempt for Xibar..but...Its not right, right? Nomura even explains how the naming system works. Maybe Im missing something. If I...
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    SPOILERS perhaps..Keybearers

    Okay..this had to have happened before Sora obtained his keyblade. For Ansem(Xehanort's Heartless) had such vast knowledge of Heartless and the Darkness and the connection of the worlds (which I assume would take some time) soon before Sora got the keyblade. This is not fact..just my...
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    Naughty Sora

    Anyone else feel that Sora was grounded in KH 1? I mean..I dont know any 14 year old boy that lays in his his bed in the dark befor dinner. This is just a silly thought..."Sora...dinners ready. Come on down." It sounds to me that she was giving him permission to come out of his room. heh. I dont...