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    Keyblades in BBS

    Where have you been for the last year.............. This was established a long time ago
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Theory

    It made some since until you said "-358 is when Roxas is part of the Organization" according to your theory roxas wouldn't be around on the 358th day. I could be misunderstanding you but that is what I interpretted.
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    So you played 25 hours strait lol. I have beaten like 6 times without the strategy guide though and im going on my 7th
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    Last chance for real KHIIFM+ information?

    Why the is this thread still open it is just like the other FM thread, it was never a good idea to begin with. I think this thread should be closed.
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    Wow why was this thread even started I mean then all the people who think it will come out go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts Movie

    You know how they have always had a FF movie and they have always been pretty cool so what if they made a kingdom hearts movie. I think it would be cool how about you guys, even though it would be kinda weird if you ask me lol.
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    Last chance for real KHIIFM+ information?

    Its funny this forum is the best on the net regarding this topic. A lot of people don't believe it will come out like over half and if you go to other forums they totally believe it will come out and it is halirous. I pity them and I feel sorry for them because they will get there hopes up and...
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    Final mix +

    Your right there isn't E3 was there last chance pretty much to say anything about a release date and what do you know they didn't say anything. God Hades you beat me by like 2 seconds.
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    Hey everyone I would like some opinions on what info you think SE will release about Kingdom Hearts at TGS? It would be cool if they made another video and it explained some stuff that we have no clue about. Well I'm really excited to here you guys opinions!!!!!!!!!!!
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    I wish everyone would get over the fact that it is not coming out there is so much evidence and yet people just have to be stuborn
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    lol that is very true I was level 83 when I beat the game and it was still hard. I didn't stand a chance against Terra but then i beat him 4 times I think. I can't really remember.
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    favorite world

    You might not agree but I thought Mickeys castle was kinda of cool and Im including the Timeless River in that.
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    kh2 fm swap magic

    Yes unfortunatly Hades is right. If you have beaten kingdom hearts 2 before you play this game it isn't as hard but if you haven't well you are gonna have some trouble. If kh2 fm was like kh1 it would be really challenging but since the game is so straight forward its not to hard.
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    Well I have it I thought it was harder.
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    Before I get to the Theory I would like to say I thought this up in about 10 minutes. Its nothing special and I expect most of it to be false information. Also hadesdragon you can devour my theory all you want lol :D. Also if this thread has already been brought up i apologize. I believe it's...
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    Email from Square Enix

    Woops my bad i read over his post so quickly that i didnt notice it was just that. Becides now that kh1 fm+ they refer to kh2 fm+ as kh fm+ my bad but i still stated my case and thats all that matters.
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    Email from Square Enix

    And so was I all the stuff i said was in it
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    Email from Square Enix

    Its not just a few extra features. There are tons more things you can do in KH2 FM+ you practically face every organization member that you fought in CoM over again. There are a couple of new keyblades way more bosses, new items. We have no reason to believe it won't come to North America...
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    Fall 2008 is a little unreasonable dont you think. It might be true but i dont know like the rest of us. I think that i could come out earlier than that if they do consider it because all they have to do is get the voices in english which would take a while but....