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    So wait a minute....(spoilers)

    Are Xehanort's Heartless and Nobody created by Master Xehanort's hear which is in Terra or Terra's heartless and Nobody?
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    Next game theory(SPOILER ALERT)

    Okay the servers froze on me and I had paragraphs written. I'm too lazy to write it up again so I'll just post it in summary: Reconnect means bringing TAV back Problem is Xehanort would be killed, and you can't just wipe out the main villain in a side game.
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    Another VEN theory.

    Yes I know these ven theories are getting out of control, but I just want to say what I have thought about till now. We know that nobodies look like their previous selves in a way or another. The only exception is of course Roxas which looks like Ventus. Ventus though is not involved with Sora...