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  1. Onasi

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. It's been a long long time since I was last used this site. It's changed so much since I was a kid. This isn't as much an introduction as a reintroduction to the site. It's nice to meet all of you.
  2. Onasi

    What do you think about Comic books?

    That is to say, do you think they are just mindless entertainment or do you think some can be viewed as literature on the same level as novels. A good argument, much like the case of video games being considered art, can be made either way. Personally I think you can see them as literature...
  3. Onasi

    Determism or Compatibilism?

    In other words do you think Humans have free will?
  4. Onasi

    What are your thoughts on LaVeyan Satanism

    What are your views on Anton LaVeya's religion? Do you think he was just making fun of Christians and "Trolling" religion in general or do you think he was actually pushing a real religion? The wikipedia page can be found here: LaVeyan Satanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anton LaVey...
  5. Onasi

    Explaining myths about Atheism

    As the title of the thread suggests, this is just a series of the most common misconceptions about atheism being explained away. If this has already been the topic of a previous thread please just leave a link in a comment. On of the largest misconceptions of theists is that Atheism is a...
  6. Onasi

    Your Favorite ► Greatest line in a video game

    Just what the title suggests. What do you think the best line in a video game is? It can be funny, sad, inspiring, wise, scary, or even corny. I think it's a tie between "I don't have your stone... and fu*k you anyway!" Edward from Alone in the Dark remake. YouTube - Alone In The Dark - Stone...
  7. Onasi

    What's the hardest game you ever played?

    So what are they? Give me your top 5 1. The Embodiment of the Scarlet devil Game Play: YouTube - Touhou 6 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Extra Clear 2. Ninja Gaiden series 3. Shinobi series 4. Devil May Cry 3 5. Castilvania
  8. Onasi

    Why do you dislike Religion/ the religious?

    For all those atheists out there who don't like religion or the religious post why. I think religion and the religious are holding back society and what it can do. Most notable in Government and Science. How about you?