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  1. vitxras

    what keyblades would you like to see return to KH3 Remind

    So this is basically word for word what I said in my video "5 keyblades that I'd like to see return in KINGDOM HEARTS III" but I thought it would be fun to have this discussion with you guys here on the forums here are my thoughts The sleeping leon ONE OF MY FAVORITE KEYBLADE DESIGNS I’d like to...
  2. vitxras

    To get platinum?

    Can you get all other trophies besides the difficulty based ones on beginner alone. I played all through beginner so I can do the major stuff their and critical to get the other trophies.
  3. vitxras

    the first 4 chapters of my book!

    OREGONIA: and the Legend of the Myce By T. W. Radke Copyright © 2017 by Travis William Radke All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief...
  4. vitxras

    How to get the medals you want?

    I'very been trying really hard to get a kh 2 king MICKEY medal to drop but I have had no luck. Are some medals impossible to drop or just really rare. Speaking of rare drops, has any one gotten a wisdom sora drop, king mickey drop, or Leon drop, to drop randomly. Or do you have to spend jewels...
  5. vitxras

    PS4 controller and KH 2.5

    Will the ps4 controller support kh2.5? i ask because it did work for 1.5 but it didn't work properly, Dora couldn't run right. Kh recom I couldn't run back left. Can someone concern that the ps4 controller will work on the PS3 kh2.5
  6. vitxras

    Overall outfits/style in KH3

    i hope that a majority of the characters get new outfits(obviously/most likely would happen). its a numbered title i think it should happen. as for the 13 seekers of darkness, i kind of hope they change up the whole black cloak thing. i've seen it in every game and something new would be cool or...
  7. vitxras

    red trinity problem in halloween town

    k so i new where the trinity was but at the time i didn't realize what i did. i fell from the top of the manor ruins and landed where the box was, opened it and now i cant do the trinity. is their anyway around this, or a way to fix it or am i going to have to start all over and complete the...
  8. vitxras

    KH2.5 cover question

    does anyone have any idea when the cover may be announced. after seeing how cool kh1 cover was im so excited to see this one.
  9. vitxras

    How to prepare for final boss on Proud mode?

    im kinda stuck at the final form where Donald and goofy are trapped and its 1 on 1 with ansem. i usally get him the yellow or green bar but he never stops spamming his beams. what should i do to prepare this and the area after this. im in the proses of trying to get mp rage, which i found out i...
  10. vitxras

    Stuck at the horde before the final boss

    i can beat that one big heartless no problem but when the numbers of enemies build i keep dying. I'm level 49. is this a good level to be at or am i just bad. oh and I'm on proud. any tips or hints
  11. vitxras

    How should I spend my crystals

    ive noticed a few things i wanted but im not sure what to get or what to do. is the black draw card worth it and what is up with the level system, whats the point of using the crystals to level up.
  12. vitxras

    Keyblade upgrades

    ive been trying to find all the upgrades to the khX keyblades to see which one would best match my deck. on the topic of decks, what build do you have and what keyblade best matches you
  13. vitxras

    KHX keyblade question PLEASE help

    i was wondering if the heart keyblade, the one with air ct., nothing, air ct., ever gets that empty spot filled or is their any plans for a keyblade to be an air/magic keyblade. thats what my deck build is and i want a keyblade to match
  14. vitxras

    Rewards list question

    in the raid menu their is a tab that brings up rewards. the first tab is obvious but i have no idea how the second and third tabs word or what i do to earn those items please help
  15. vitxras

    KHx worlds

    does anyone know when the new worlds come out. i know it says coming soon, but is that a week or a month or what. on the topic of new worlds what do you think the next 2 are. i think the nightmare before Christmas because i have a mini quest where i have to slay 2 heartless that i have never...
  16. vitxras

    Who wants to party

    ive been trying add people to my party on khx but no luck. and i cant find anyone who has open party. if any one has an open party i would to join
  17. vitxras

    Joining parties and AP boosts

    i finally know how to get ap boosts and now i just need to party up to make it. does anyone know how to join parties. i have one person but he asked me so im not sure how to ask anyone else though
  18. vitxras

    Moogle cards question

    someone please tell me the point of the moogle cards. i have 2 bronze with 0 hp boost, so what god are they
  19. vitxras

    Moogle shop question

    when u find a random moogle in a box is it possible to get a silver or gold assist card with out real money
  20. vitxras

    KHX Wonderland 2-2 help

    im stuck and i think it has to do with the house at the end of the level, its locked and i dont know how to get in.