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    Why did it change?

    Yeah but he accepted the darkness when he fought Roxas for the second time but his keyblade still haven't changed.
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    I remember hearing that Marluxia was supposed to be a female too. Would be nice tho, a female leader in CO and also a leader for the Organization takeover. But anyway, I don't really have an issue with him.
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    Anti- sora

    I liked how Anti-Sora just goes Berserk on them. On me hurts. ; -; (aka Vexen) Am I the only one who doesn't mind Anti-Sora?
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    358/2 days

    ^ Just don't click on anything that says 358/2 Days then you are good to go. And I am waiting. If I can wait for Re:CoM then I can wait for 358/2 Days. I preferred to play 358/2 Days but I will still wait.
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    Xion- The .....

    Xion: The Fourteenth Member of Org. Thirteen.
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    Larxene's de Sade

    I've already admired Larxene. Her "emotions" makes her seem like a true Nobody, Saïx also(until his death ... ). Oh, and by the way. I went up to my teacher and told him that I wanted to changed my research on Marquis de Sade and he thinks that I am with the dark side. It was as if I wanted to...
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    Larxene's de Sade

    Sadist is a kind of a person who likes to cause pain and/or humiliation upon others. So the taunt/tease sort of put Larxene in Sadism category~ meaning: she likes to humiliate them and enjoys to see them being hurt by it. It doesn't have to be physical to be classified as sadism, it can also be...
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    When You First Saw Your Battle Report...

    I was saved by Mickey only 3 times, no wonder why my memory with him were always vague.
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    Not really, it generally gets less and less after every world. That's why I was shocked to learn that I had to use Magic again for the Clock tower Phantom in KH1.
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    Would be nice if it expands as it spins, give out more ranges or something, atleast to like mid-range. But nope, I use Magnet, Reflect, and Cure ... Sometimes Thunder but only if i am desperate.
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    Hades Cup question.

    Supposed if I got a new record on the score in the middle of the Cup, can I quit and the score would be automatically saved?
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread I didn't get CoM because I didn't have DS that time. But ow I have one ... Do you think I should go ahead and get CoM to practice for the Re:CoM? Or just wait for the Re:CoM?
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    Oraganization XIII- Favorite Fight

    Demyx~ I just find his attacks really pretty. @.@. I even prolong the fight at the end by like a hour just so I could just dodge and then watch his attacks. Axel~ Just ... wow. Spiffy fire ground and a firewall, a fire pillar then so on. Just so Bright and ..... pretty! Saïx~ I just like his...
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    Fix Xigbar for Days??

    Here's the difference ... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/KFyA3rVfSjM&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    who do you think is the best fighting style in Organization XII?

    Larxene~ she fights dirty. She stuns and zooms around in lightning speed. Luxord~ I just like how he puts all cards on the ground and just reappear.
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    Does the Title " Kingdom Hearts" fit in BBS

    I thought it takes place after KHII? Meanwhile BBS "is basically the 1st Kingdom Hearts" ... It's just his "PMFness"
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    Help/Support ► Dad found my stash

    Just confess that you did it and hide it better next time. Like put it in some kind of old boxes and hide them way deep in your closet. Totally not promoting the pot-smoking here.
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    Kept dying.

    I am at 2nd part where I had to fight Ansem with that retarded shadow behind his back without Donald and Goofy. I usually got to him, bash on him and everything was just fine until he starts charging after me, I always die from that attack. I even tried Dodge Roll but I always seem to dodge roll...
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    The leaked BBS video is taken down on U.S. Youtube! :*(

    Oh, how can you save stuff to hard drives?