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    Cruel Intentions

    I know this is a movie from the ninties, but oh well. Has anyone seen this movie? If so what do you think? Personally, it's one of my favorites.
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    Chuck Palahniuk

    Does anyone here read his books? I personally, love his books. I was introduced to them by my group of friends. The books I've read so far are: Lullaby Survivor Diary Invisible Monsters I also have Fight Club and Rant but i haven't gotten around to reading them.
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    *~&&::Yakusoku; Sora Fanclub::&&~* ver. 3

    Sorry version 3. The other one was getting all weird. NEW Rules. 1.) This is a place for fans of Sora to hang; talk about whateever you want but please sometimes talk about Sora-kun. ^^; Thats all i ask. Rules: 2. U can join even if your like in the kairi club or reversed hearts and wut not...
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    Fanfiction ► His/Her Eyes

    WEll I'm doing a colab with my fanfiction friend Aiko. And we have like this starting 2 one shots for a big project so yea... plz review after you read... we accept them even if ur no apart of ff.net. ^^ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2786227/1/ His Beautiful Eyes...
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    Divine's 3000th post hallapallooza or how ever you spell it erm yea!

    Yay! DRK has *finally* made her 3000th post! Lets celebrate for the hell of it! ^^
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    ::*C4strife Fanclub/Meet him thread*::

    Self explanitory. I'm a very good friends with him, and he doesn't know many people. so if you are a nice member please post here to worship C4 and his god like sig making skillz or just say hi. ^-^
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    *~.:Sora Fangirl/Fanboy Club:.~* 2.0

    yea same rules apply enjoy ^-^ dont forget to vote in the poll im putting up.
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    Another Forum Wedding Divine x King Naruto

    Well you read the title. Me and King Naruto are getting married. (Forums terms of course) So yea. o.o;; SorasAngel1292, where are you?
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    Happy Birthday SorasAngel1292

    I know i know I'm throwing *another* party for one of my friends but i don't care... Happy 14th SorasAngel1292 ^^ I'll make you a card thingy in a bit ^^
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    Ninja Rap! XO

    http://youtube.com/w/Ninja-Rap?v=V43kmqDwalQ&search=ninja%20rap my friend showed me this. This is for those adoring wanna-be-ninjas. Thank you and have a spectacular day. -divine =3
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    Frost works Assignment #5

    Heyz! First assignmnet i have made so bare with me ^^; What kinda stock to use: Ok a lotta you know about mangas right? Japanese comics? Ya pic a random one you have NEVER read. And if you never read any your in good luck lolz. And no it can't be from an anime. brushes: you can only use one...
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    Happy b-day Princess Sakura

    Today is my good friend sakura's B-day she just turned 12! Lotza lub sakura-chan! - divine-chan =3
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    Defeating Cosbiean

    We're Full! Hi welcome! This my second RP! W00t. Story: Everyone who is at Shinbone Training School was an orphan. At this school you learn to fight to defend your small land of Immerkan against the great demon that appears every so often Cosbiean. None of the members of the Shinbone school...
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    *~.:Sora Fangirl/Fanboy Club:.~*

    Okay since there's already a Kairi club and all that why not a Sora fanclub. Rules: 1. U can join even if your like in the kairi club or reversed hearts and wut not. ^_~ 2. U can have a sora Fangirl/fanboy sig if ya want =3 3. I'm the ULTIMATE I have been since June. >.< 4. No bashing teh...
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    thoughts on the themes

    well hi! heh. if a mod doesnt like this thread u have my blessing to close it ! ^^;; well my perspective on hikari/simple and clean is that it is kinda from kairi's point of view, because it's really upbeat and i hate to admit it somewut girly. and also if u read the lyricsit does seem like...
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    the girl that axel takes...

    http://img381.imageshack.us/full.php?image=novpvp00600020jz.jpg ok i dont think there is a topic on this and this maybe a dumb arse theory but.... that girl does not look like selphie... her is hair isn't brown it's more red if u look closly.... and in the 1st place y would axel take selphie or...
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    leaving again but for good

    Ai'm leaving again. for good. i'm never coming back. never, only one of u i think noes my im name which is tender heart. i'm sorry i have to leave again and i will miss u desperatly especially, tender heart, c4, demon x, and white tiger. and c4 i will email u or something. bye every one i'll...
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    Ur evil little wish

    =D hiya pplz ima coming up with sum crazii topic againz. haha nowza ima speaking n00bish. <.<;; ok in here u must tell ur evil little wish mine: i wish to become a mod and ban everybody that isn't my follower lolz jkjk
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    Happy B-day =3

    Well it's Tender Hearts and my b-day. I'm actually doing this a day early cuz Tender heart lives in New Zealand while I live in arizona =/ but yes we have the SAME exact b-day and so that makes us 13 =3. and also im coming back haha. I was actually here all along I never rly left, i was actually...
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    DRK, leaving?

    Well I am still thinking about this. And you're prolly all going "wut the fuzzums? she seemed like she was having a good time the otherday and now she wants to leave." or.... "so this is why she posted thoughs 'what if i was to leave' in the what if topic." well no that was outta morbid...