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    Hades Cup question.

    Supposed if I got a new record on the score in the middle of the Cup, can I quit and the score would be automatically saved?
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    Kept dying.

    I am at 2nd part where I had to fight Ansem with that retarded shadow behind his back without Donald and Goofy. I usually got to him, bash on him and everything was just fine until he starts charging after me, I always die from that attack. I even tried Dodge Roll but I always seem to dodge roll...
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    Isn't this ironic?

    Have you noticed that Marluxia is given the title for Master of Castle Oblivion while Luxord, the user of cards, is not? I mean, after all don't you have to use cards in the battle? It would be nice if Luxord shows up only to give out a set of cards and some instructions on how to use it then...
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    My fan-character.

    Txamt by ~Chinballs on deviantART Yeah, I know he's lame. He's a follower of Luxord. He also was supposed to be able to control Time. But for this RP(and only for this RP)~ I have made him to be able to maniplate Metal instead of Time. Tell me what do you think of him.
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    How odd is Naminé?

    First of all, Naminé is supposed to be a Nobody. Then how come she doesn't have a "x" to her name, is it because the fact that Xemnas never got a chance to give a name to her? Which brings me to oen more question, if she was supposed to be Kairi's Nobody then how come her name isn't scrambled...
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    Paradox cups.

    How did you get to one? All I could see was the Underdrome ones. Is there some way to get to Paradox? By the way, I've completed the objectives so don't post "Oh you have to finish your objectives first" because I have.
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    Your favorite quote.

    It can be any. My favorite would have to be when Hades brought out Auron. Hades: Do you know who I am??! I am THE Lord of the Dead!!!!! Auron: Heh, No wonder why no one wants to die. gets me every time. xD