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    I'm not sure if I was ever really that active here

    Sooo yeah, anyways, the quotes in my sig are like 4235534 years old. I know there have been a lot of name changes and people have quit and things like that, but does anybody know who the people I quoted are or if they're still active?
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    I should do something

    I should probably do something productive. What should I do?
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    LML Love My Life

    LMyLife.com - Because life is awesome
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    I want to call someone a dumbshit on Facebook, but I have to use a different word because his mom has a Facebook and will make him unfriend me if I say that. He's really stupid, so I need a really good non-curse word to insult him. Please help.
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    Immature Games

    School is boring and I like to play immature games. Does anyone else do this, and if yes, can you give me some suggestions because I'm getting bored and my games are getting old? Ex: Penis game- someone starts off by whispering the word "penis", then the next person says "penis" louder and so...
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    Colbert Space Module

    Colbertnation | The Colbert Report Official Site | Comedy Central Help NASA Name Node 3! Stephen Colbert is trying to name a NASA space module after himself. This is kind of like the time Stephen Colbert tried to name a bridge in Russia after him, but this time this should actually work. I...
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    Tell me what happened

    to the time paradox thread. I missed it, but it sounds like it was pretty funny.
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    The Popular Life: How to Become Popular
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    Stfu, Its A Long Story

    Differences between Facebook and a blog. Tell me
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    America is bored as hell and needs something to do. America feels like kicking someone's ass just for the hell of it. America could take Mexico over and steal all their burritos, but no one wants to go to fucking Mexico where it's hot as hell and has shitty water. Canadians are pretty much total...
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    Joe_Keybladerz, come here

    We're here to help you stop your porn addiction. You already broke a computer because of this, and we want to help you. The first step is admitting your problem.
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    Penis or vagina

    AWESOME ANDROGYNY - Demotivational Poster, Motivational Poster, Motifake wtf do they have?
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    You all fucking suck, pricks

    Fucking assholes, I can't believe none of you have done this before. Take the lyrics to that song and replace the word "agent" with "muslim" and use that song in a video slideshow tih pictures of Barrack Obama. Fuck you all all for not doing this earlier because John McCain would be president...
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    Stuff Asian People Like — This blog is devoted to stuff that asian people like « Stuff Asian People Like - Asian Central It's like Stuff White People Like, but better because they also accept entries from anybody that knows what asian people like.
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    Hardcore Blacktion

    I was at the mall a few days ago and saw some Japanese guys and a black guy. I saw the black guy and overheard him saying something, but I couldn't make it out so I assumed that he was rapping because that's what I automatically assume is happening whenever a black guy talks and I can't...
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    I'd like to see something

    There's a band called Once and there's a band called Thrice. They kick ass. But there isn't a band called Second or Twice, at least not yet. Someone make a band with that name or tell me where I can find a band with that name. Hurry the fuck up too cause I'm getting bored.
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    Holy f****** shit I figured out how white people work. This is the most amazing database of white people I have ever seen. You thought you could hide, white peope, but I've found you. WE know how you work now. Suck it. Full List of Stuff White People Like « Stuff White People Like
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    Lit ► A Christmas Carol

    I'm reading this book again for fun and because it's the holidays but I need a bit of help. I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a brief timline of the events because I'm getting confused by how the ghosts visit Scrooge and apparently go back in time or some crazy shit like that.
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    Scantron Guitar Hero

    State Tests, finals, and stuff like that suck. Unless the scantron answer bubbles make awesome guitar hero solos. Just imagine that A= Green, B= Red, C= Yellow, D= Blue. So, does anybody else do this this or am I the only one?
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    I'm proud

    http://forums.khinsider.com/general-video-games/97751-official-nintendo-discussion-thread-changed-name-stop-mocking-my-spanish-racist-65.html They changed a name of a thread just for me. I feel so happy.