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    No, let's end it.

    What the hell, haven't done this in a while. I never exactly completed it, so I guess some input is what I'm lookin' for, along with the nuts and bolts. It'd be nice to get rid of the psd. file finally.
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    Oh look, fanarts. Comment, critique, whatever you want.
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    Noo sucks.

    Happy belated B-Day Kris, a.k.a Audo. How the frick did we forget this? I blame Noo.
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    In need of some assistance (semi-large image)

    As the title says, I'm looking for some proportion/anatomy advice in regards to the following drawing: I plan to re-draw this concept (note: it's just a sketch as of now; nothing serious) digitally, but before I do so I'd like to refine it as best as possible, and anatomy is where I fall...
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    Happy B-day, Iridium!!!

    I expect all of you to get your butts over here and wish Trixi a happy birthday. <3
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    Snowboard Kids

    Anyone remember this game? For the N64? God I loved this game, even if I couldn't move forwards worth a crap. The one I remember most though was Snowboard Kids 2. So yeah. Generally this game is freakin' awesome. Anyone agree? Anyone played this before? Snowboard Kids 2 - Wikipedia, the...
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    Ven vs. Roxas vs. Sora vs. WTF???

    Which will win, I wonder? WTF seems to have it going on, I must admit.
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    Movie Food

    What's you're favorite concession at a movie theater? I like nachos, personally.
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    Namine vs. Aqua

    Uh-oh. Look what I've done this time. TAKE SIDES.
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    Concerning BBS's endings...

    I've posed myself a question that I found very interesting, and seek suggestions upon: How will Square deal with the endings, assuming they're CGI, of three scenarios? Will each scenario have one, singular CGI ending, similar to KH1 and KH2... Or, perhaps will each character have their own...
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    The (Member) fanclub.

    Rejoice, members of KHI. YOU have a fanclub. That's right. You. Let us all come together, to worship....you. Us. We. Something to that effect. This fanclub was made for you and you alone. After all, you are a pretty awesome member, wouldn't you agree? Come. Join, Explain yourself, oh...
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    Fanfiction ► The Keyblade Waltz (Ven, Terra, Aqua)

    Edited away for obvious reasons.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts/Xemnas (Yes, I went there.)

    For Ren and R-K, of course. :3 Warning: Suggestive themes and bad language. That moon was simply…stunning. Xemnas’s orange eyes could not cease to stare at the glorious form of Kingdom Hearts; the climax of his ventures, all boiled down into one, glowing mass. Near its middle was a dark...
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    Do different scents change your mood? I know it does for me. One second I'll be depressed, then someone passes by with an amazing perfume, and I'll suddenly feel happy. What about you guys? What scents affect you, and how do they affect you?
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    The Office

    Watch it or no? I freakin' love this show. Dwight is AWESOME.
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    Fanfiction ► A Lady and Her Child (KH)

    Edited for not liking it anymore.
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    Slight Possibility...

    ...that I won't be on for a few days sometime this weekend+next week. It just depends. Just wanted to say this now, in case I don't have a chance later on.
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    Concerning the Org's Element Wielding

    How in god's name did they get these powers? I doubt their "Somebodies" as we like to call them had any special powers. So why do the Org, in particular, have them? Some wield elements, others wield time...do you think there's any explanation for this? This problem has been bugging me forever...
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    The Karmatic Tragedies of a Normal Youth

    Edited for not liking them anymore.
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    Miss Understand

    Pfff, gotten rid of for its sheer stupidity.