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  1. ultima_keyblade

    The Fanclub Fanclub

    This is a fanclub for fanclubs. I know, so meta, right? Geek out about how awesome fanclubs are. Talk about your favorite fanclubs. Pretty much anything fanclub related goes. Unless you don't feel like talking about fanclubs. Then I guess we could talk about something else. Anyone? Anyone...
  2. ultima_keyblade

    Singing Horses?

    Ok, so I found this website a couple years ago at school while I was doing research. I think I typed Horsey into Google or something like that, and this came up. It's really weird and I have no idea what it's for, so if anyone has any ideas, could you tell me? Anyways, here's the link...
  3. ultima_keyblade

    Which game should I get? Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry 3, or God of War?

    I want to get a new game, but I can't decide which one. I'm trying to decide between Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry 3, and God of War. Which one do you think is the best and the most fun? Also, which one is the longest? Thanks!
  4. ultima_keyblade

    Dropkick Murphys

    Does anyone else love this amazing band? If so, whats your guys favorite songs? I like The Rocky Road to Dublin, Flannigans Ball, and The Spicy McHaggis Jig.
  5. ultima_keyblade

    Red vs. Blue

    This is seriously the funniest show I have ever seen! My favorite character is Church! Is there anyone else here who loves it as much as I do???
  6. ultima_keyblade

    The Venting Club

    Have you been really angry and nowhere to vent? Have you ever been super frusterated but had nowhere to take that frustration out on? Well, welcome to the Venting Club! This is a place where you can take out your latest angers and just vent! So vent away!
  7. ultima_keyblade

    Which one should I buy?

    I am trying to decide between buying Okami and Final Fantasy XII. Which one do you guys think I should buy? Which do you think is better?
  8. ultima_keyblade

    Any games like Knights of the Old Republic on PS2?

    I loved that game, but I don't have an Xbox. So are there any similar to it on the PS2?
  9. ultima_keyblade

    Would I like FFXII?

    I love Action RPG's, like Kingdom Hearts, and I also like the battle gameplay of MMORPG's. But I can't stand the slow paced battles of Turn-Based RPG's, like the old Final Fantasy games and Dragon Quest. Would I enjoy FFXII then?
  10. ultima_keyblade

    Good PS2 Action/Adventure or Action-PRG game?

    Does anyone know of a good Action/Adventure or a good Action-RPG game that lasts a LONG time thats on the PS2? If you do, thank you!
  11. ultima_keyblade

    Kairi Fan-Club Reunion! (If you were in the KFC, please just stop by to say hi!)

    Hey everyone! I just wanna talk to some of the people who were in the KFC so I made this thread. I don't want it to be huge, just to see how everyone is doing. So whats up guys?
  12. ultima_keyblade

    Cerberus Paradox Cup Help!!

    I'm working on finishing Jiminy's Journal, but I'm stuck on the part where you have to get 1,300 Points in the Cerberus Paradox Cup. The highest I've gotten is a little under 1,200. Does anyone have some tips to get it all?
  13. ultima_keyblade

    That '70s Show

    Who else loves That '70s Show? Also, who's your guys fave characters? Mine would have to be Red.
  14. ultima_keyblade

    Jason Bourne vs James Bond vs John McClane vs Ethan Hunt vs John Rambo

    If Jason Bourne (from the Bourne trilogy), James Bond (from the Bond series), John McClane (from the Die Hard series), Ethan Hunt (from the Mission: Impossible trilogy), and John Rambo (from the Rambo series) were all set loose in a city armed with nothing but a semi-automatic pistol and a...
  15. ultima_keyblade

    The Keira Knightley Fanclub

    This is a fanclub for the totally awesome and gorgeous Keira Knightley. :loveit: So join now!!!
  16. ultima_keyblade

    Yoda vs. Mickey

    Who do you think would win between Yoda and Mickey? Personally, I think Yoda would win. He's way faster and has an awesome green lightsaber!
  17. ultima_keyblade

    Superhero Showdown

    If all the Superheroes and Supervillians ever created classhed in a showdown, who do you think would win? My personal choice? The Green Lantern.
  18. ultima_keyblade

    Scary Story Theatre

    This is a place to post your scary stories, true or not. So grab your flashlights, make a bag of popcorn, and get ready to pee your pants! Mwahahahaha!
  19. ultima_keyblade

    If you had to be disabled....

    I'm not sure if this is the right section, so if it's not, then feel free to move it. If you had to be disabled and had to either be Blind, Deaf, or Mute, what would you choose and why?
  20. ultima_keyblade

    Fave actors/actresses?

    Hey everybody! I was just wondering who your guy's favorite actors and actress were? For me its: Actors Will Smith Adam Sandler Ben Stiller Jack Black Actresses Keira Knightley Eva Green Kate Beckinsale Mary Elizabeth Winstead