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    Sony Motion Controller [E3 09]

    Sony has come up with some new tech that is probably going to be the next big thing; motion controller. Watch this video of the new and impressive sony motion controller. The say its still in development so it could be better. YouTube - E3 New PS3 Controller Presentation It is simply the best...
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    Avalon Code

    Hey KHI. It's been a long time since I last posted. I just wanted to make a new thread on a relatively new RPG by XSEED. It is comparable to Rune Factory and Harvest moon, but has a way more awesome RPG feeling to it than the other 2. Plus, the story is long and the game would take more than 20+...
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    Suzuka originated as japanese manga and made its way into Anime. The anime gives people an idea on how a relationship starts, ends, and restarts all over again. Yeah, Its kind of like a romance but it has some really good stuff in it, dont get me the wronge way. Its about a boy who wants this...
  4. J

    What is your social status?

    What do you consider yourself to be? Cool? Populare? Retarded? Emo? Name anything you think of yourself as OR what you might think others think about you. Personaly, I think Im cool. Im not populare, but I know the cool people in my school. Im spanish, a puerto rican, so we're supposed to be...
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    Urban Latin (Spanish) Music Genre

    Spanish Music Genre: Reggaetton (Example: Daddy Yankee) Salsa (Example: Marc Anthony) Bachata (Example: Aventura) Mambo Meregue Cumbia Spanish music is catchy. Im puerto rican so the only thing I listen to is reggaetton and Hip-Hop like "live your life" by TI. Though, reggaetton sounds much...
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    Kingdom Hearts like Dissidia: FF

    Wouldnt it be cool if they made a kingdom hearts game like dissidia: FF where you can play as anybody in the series? It would be cool to play a Darkside Story and a Hero Story mode. Id like to play as mickey for once without stopping. I'd also like to play as Master Xehanort and his cliff rising...
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    Percy and The Olympians

    There are currently four books to the series: 1. The Lightining Theif 2. Sea of Monsters 3. They Titans Curse 4. Battle of The Labyrinth Author: Rick Riordan Introduction: The story is about a boy who has powers, greek god powers. Turns out, his dad is Poseidon, the god of the sea and...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 - An uneducated guess

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Uneducated Guess Do you remember that at the end of kingdom hearts 2, a letter is brought to Sora by Kairi who had found the letter on shore. It must have been a letter from mickey or disney castle, because it had the mickey sign on it. Anyways, Sora opened the bottle up and...
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    Sora's Story or Riku's Story?

    This is a thread to determine which story is better, Sora's or Riku's. This not only means the story but also the battle differences and overall preferences. I think Rikus story is more enjoyable because you dont play as sora and because the story tells you where Riku and the King were during...
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    What car should I get?

    I'm almost 16 and I want to buy a car, what car should I get, any suggestions?
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    The grand creators of Sonic the hedgehog, Phantasy Star series and other interesting games. I'm sure that you must have played one of their games through out your life time. I mean they created sonic the hedgehog! If you want more information follow the link below. Sega - Wikipedia, the free...
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    Stupid Reaction

    My step father is on ma ass sayin that I busted his computer. I didn't even go on the internet, I wuz only on word pad and now he thinks I broke his computer just because his internet doesn't work. I think he needs to renew is fukin IP address before he starts talkin shizz nizz. Sry for the...
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    Joker Map Card

    Does anyone have any suggestions to how I and others can get more Joker Map Cards? Now discuss and keep the question in mind. PS: I will update this post with the theory I try out and that proves to be true.
  14. J

    Dangerous Games

    The killer games out there that have been invented are crazy. My list I will make first: 1. Gun Play & Fencing (simple weopon fights that some think to be fun) a. Paintball b. Airsoft 2. Russian Roulette (probability game of death) 3. Truth or Dare (Oh yes, its dangerous) 4. Straw Picking...
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    Terraforming- To transform a landscape on another planet into one having the characteristics of landscapes on Earth. Some say that scientists are working on terraforming Mars. I personaly don't believe because we first must learn every detail of life and Earth. Plus, we have our own problems...
  16. J

    Legend of the Dragoon

    One of the greatest games I have played is called "Legend of Dragoon". It is a 4 disc epic turn-based rpg where you play as Dart. The storyline is okay but the battle scenes are breath taking. You can change into a half human, half dragon character during battle for maximum power. This game...
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    Need For Speed: Undercover

    I'm liking the new game: need for speed undercover. To me, racing games like need for speed comes second next to RPG's like kingdom hearts.
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    This is my favorite anime show, because it has much action. Has any of you ever seen this show before?
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    Nice site and forums!

    This is 10th forum I've ever joined and I'm like'in it. :D Its nice though it needs some updates and so does the main site. -_- Other than that, its perfect. :D!
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    Kingdom Hearts: Joe's Story

    Settings: Twilight Town Characters: Joe The RolePlay: I was just looking up at the clocktower; for I was thinking: I don't know what to make out of his life... I then looked around to see if anyone was around... No one. I sighed and watched as the train inside the clocktower building rumbled...