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    Is it worth it?

    Ok, so I'm excited for the new game that BBS Final Mix hinted at and 3D, but, Re:coded looks cool, but is it really worth it? I know the story and everything that happens, so all Id be playing it for would be gameplay. Is it really worth it? It looks like a watered down KH1 with BBS's fighting...
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    Aqua and final question

    Ok, so I beat Aqua's story and final story mode, but I leveled up aqua a few levels (Just one or two) in final, now I wanna beat it 100%, should I do my last episode file, or my aqua story file, if I want to 100% it in the trinity report, ... OH! And how do i start a new last episode file? Thanks!
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    Question for Amazon Preorders

    Ok, so we get $10 off a game of our choice after Birth By Sleep ships, but how do we get the promo code, and how long do we have to use it? I wanna use the promocode to preorder re:Coded, or buy Dissidia, (right now I only have Ratchet and Clank for my PSP,) So will the email it too me, or what...
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    Some advice?

    Ok, so i preordered on Amazon on Aug. 27th, and they aren't even shipping my copy untill the 13th, if I don't get my stickers or the $10 off a future game Ima be pissed... but anyway, I've played through ALL the KH's on begginer, I'm working on a KH2 playthrough on proud, I want to start BBS on...
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    Questions for those who have played BBS

    This is like, the third thread I've made like this, sorry, but anyway, 1: Do I have to have the latest firmware update? I'm getting an old PSP with hackable firmware and I dun wanna do the update so I can hack it, 2: What bosses can I rebattle once the game is beat? 3: Is there a theater mode...
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    BBS: Secret Boss, Blue-Blade Xemnas theory

    1st of all, 200th POST WHOO! 2nd: Well, Xemnas visited Aqua's armor often, calling it "friend," and Xigbar said one time he heard a voice talking back. What if somehow, the armor transformed into Aqua, and the chamber of repose transformed into the Land Of Departure, kinda like a hologram of...
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    For those of you who've playes Birth By Sleep,

    For a first time player of BBS, (Who wants to get the secret ending faster,) Would proud mode be too dificult? Or should I try a lesser mode first?
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    Re:coded, Extra content?

    Re:coded, Extra content? What do you think they'll put in aside from the new battle system? I'm hoping for a few extra worlds, Halloween Town to be more specific, x3 As well as Atlantica, remember, KH1 Atlantica was actually kinda fun, lol, and a few more boss battles, I don't think the...
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    Jimminy's Journal?

    Just out of curiosity, is there anything like it in BBS? if so can I have a screenshot? Thanks!
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    Questions about bonuses after game,

    Ok, well for starters, is there a theatere mode? Also, after the game is beaten, are there any bosses we can go back and fight again? After all 3 stories are beaten do we unlock final episode or do we have to do something else? How is the secret movie unlocked? s1letsrollWell, thanks for the...
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    How should coded be released if released in America/Europe/Wherever?

    Should it be released on PSN, X-Box Live, Wiiware, DSiWare, on the iPhone, be bundled with Birth By Sleep, or come out on the Droid, google nexus, or another phone? Or should we just give up on it? Discuss plz, I wanna see you guys's ideas.
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    More Kingdom Hearts Merchandise at Hot Topic

    Ah, Hot Topic has done it yet again, and this time they have brought us this: Apparel | New a 358/2 Days Shirt. Not sure if this belongs in this section, but usually merchindise news is posted here. Sorry if this has been allready pointed out, but nevertheless, here it is. Apparel | New
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    Disney Castle Possibly Confirmed

    http://i35.tinypic.com/11b812a.jpg the picture with Master Xehanort, look in the back ground, there's a hidden Mickey. This could mean that MAYBE, Disney Castle will be in Birth By Sleep, because in KH2 there were tons of hidden mickeys in Disney Castle, and where else would a hidden mickey...
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    Download Play?

    I was curious if 358/2 Days had Download Play. This means multiple people can play the same game, using 1 game card, EX: Someone without 358/2 Days can play multiplayer using DS Download Play by a person with 358/2 Days hosting the game. I was wondering if it had this because my girlfriend and I...
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    Yet nother Ven Sora similarity...

    Am I the only one who notices that Ven has his arms in the same position that Sora often does in THIS picture -----------> http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom/bbs/img/terra/ph10-l.jpg nothing important, just pointing it out, if it has been discussed before feel free to close,
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    Armor/Maybe mode of travel from world to world may have been confirmed in new screen

    http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/famitsu_090910_04-05-eng.jpg look closely at the pic that sayd, "Danger! Everyone retreat!" the one with the space ships, flying above Stitch's ship (red one,) appears to be Ven or Terra, I think it's Ven though, flying on something, (keyblade...
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    221 Sparky!

    http://i26.tinypic.com/63t3kx.jpg am i the only one who notices Sparky, (Aka 221,) below Gantu's foot? Does this mean other experiments might show up? And also, I think this marks the first time a character from a DTV disney movie has been show, correct me if I'm wrong. Does this mean other...
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    Script for the game

    I would appreciate it if someone provided me with a script for the game, (downloaded english patch, and it doesn't work with cutscenes, ect.) and I don't care if it's in english or japanese, I can use an online translator to translate it. I have a translated script of Days 7-12, but that's it.
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    Traverse Town in 358/2 Days?

    Ok, I was on Spriters Resource today, looking at the 358/2 Days section: The Spriters Resource | DS > K > Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Scroll down to the bottom, there's one that says Traverse Town. I was curious.... can you play in Traverse Town, or is it just from a cutscene like Castle...
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    Deep Jungle?

    I know that because of copyright issues, deep jungle wasn't in COM, or KH2, but, will it be in Coded perhaps?