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    is Xion Playable?

    I hope she will be. I expect a female riot if you could only play as one girl opposed to eleven guys. And Demyx.
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    Saved By Mickey anyone?

    I got saved two or three times. I remember watching my cousin play the Xaldin fight, and Mickey saved him like four times in the same battle. o.o
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    New 5 Seconds Of 358/2 Days

    Am I the only one who can't see the pics?
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    Help/Support ► Night Terrors

    I lul'd. I've had two of these experiences that I remember. Once, I woke up just as I punched my little cousin in the face. I forget the dream that prompted me to do that, but I had a good laugh afterwards. More recently (a week or two ago), I had a dream that I was trying to get an intruder...
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    Help/Support ► It's Awkward for me.

    Just buy a Lite (Hell even a Phat) for now. DSi probably won't be out here until mid or late '09. By that time you could have a job or save money to get it easily, and sell your old DS again for a little extra.
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    New 5 Seconds Of 358/2 Days

    Looks good. Yay for the glide ability. (at least I think that's what I saw <_<;)
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    Terra's, Ven's, and Aqua's keyblades

    o.o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaTJ7cxiYOI&feature=related There you go. Welcome, both of you. As for the topic, Scorpio and Yttrxium pretty much covered it. D;
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    Xaldin, hands down. ily Mickey.
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    Lit ► Maximum Ride

    My favorite book series. I do hope I'm not alone. I tried copy/pasting what Wikipedia says about the premise, but it was being a spaz with the underlining and whatnot. So, here. Maximum Ride - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Discuss?
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    How long did it take you to beat KHII?

    I'm pretty sure I had 36 hours playtime upon beating it. Though it took me about two or three weeks. I like to take my time with these things. D;
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    Help/Support ► Please Help Me!

    If you've already told her several times, then I doubt doing so again is going to change anything. Just completely ignore her. She'll get it eventually.
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    Quinton Flynn confirmed for Axel

    Good news, I guess. Would be weird to hear another guy voicing Axel.
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    Who here

    I'm going to buy/re-play again in a couple days. Funny story, when I first played it, whenever I beat the first Marluxia fight, it froze at the level up screen. ;(
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    When I was 10 I kept up with it via gaming magazines previews/reviews. I always wanted it, but never had the money to get it. A couple years later I finally got a cheap used copy, and four years after that, here I am.
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    who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephiroth?

    Re: who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephir I did. Then an old friend of mine saved his new file over it. So. Much. Hate.
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    Discontinued food products you miss.

    As for me, my number one is most definitely Crispy M&Ms. They're my favorite candy, for sure. Others are the Smores candybar, the original French Toast Crunch, and Guacamole flavored Lays chips.
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    Hello, all.

    I'm here to talk about keys, and mice, and so forth. I've actually been lurking this place all year and know to not post theories because you lot will rip me to shreds. Regardless the community seems great here and I can't wait to actually get to know you people. Welcome me, yes?