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    When you first see Terra at the begining of KH2's secret ending, what is he standing on:confused::confused::confused:????? Could it be a Nobody like the Twilight Thorn, or is it some Unbirth? Need help!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Create your own Keyblade, anyone?

    Okay. Just some random idea i decided to post. If you could create any keyblade, would you. Describe it as best as possible. For me, I would create a Dark version of Oathkeeper. Just the Oathkeeper with an Oblivion color scheme, black and purple, and with a black heart surrounding a white heart...
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    Which Sephiroth was harder?

    Just a question that bugged me...... Sephiroth was difficult in either game, but which one, KH1 or KH2, was harder for you to beat? For me, KH2 was harder. Kh1 was just a wuss with a long sword.:nahnah:
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    Axel's Somebody's Name?

    Just a little thought that i got in class..... but could Axel's original name be Alex? They never said what would happen if a person had an "X" in their name was recruited into the organization. tear it apart if you want to.
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    Just curious.......

    I was wondering this when my sis told me it. Riku and Kairi's hair grew between KHCOM and KH2, but why didn't Sora's!??? Any idea why?
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    Sephiroth Stratageis

    Okay, thought I'd do this. Sorry beforehand if this has been posted befroe, not in the mood to go through 1000+ pages of threads to check...... anywho....what is your strategy for beating the Sephiroth boss? What about you latest, or most surprising, defeats of him, like if you were a low level...
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    Fanfiction ► It All Began........

    My first KH fanfic. Basically, it is my idea for BBS, and why Ven looks like Roxas, plus other possible connections. All I ask is that you don't tear me apart. I have no clue as to how many BBS fanfics are on the site, so don't blame me. Here goes. Chapter 1 The Beggining of the War For...