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    Lit ► Maximum Ride

    My favorite book series. I do hope I'm not alone. I tried copy/pasting what Wikipedia says about the premise, but it was being a spaz with the underlining and whatnot. So, here. Maximum Ride - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Discuss?
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    Discontinued food products you miss.

    As for me, my number one is most definitely Crispy M&Ms. They're my favorite candy, for sure. Others are the Smores candybar, the original French Toast Crunch, and Guacamole flavored Lays chips.
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    Hello, all.

    I'm here to talk about keys, and mice, and so forth. I've actually been lurking this place all year and know to not post theories because you lot will rip me to shreds. Regardless the community seems great here and I can't wait to actually get to know you people. Welcome me, yes?