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    swap magic 3.8 coder

    alrighty i got my swap magic and final mix game. i know know how to boot it up and play the game. but im wondering if anaybody can help with getting codes or using codes with the help of this thing.
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    merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to everybody on my side of the planet!!!!!!!!!!! oh if you in Canada Happy Holidays(I wouldn't want to offend any body)
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    Awesome Translation Guides

    Kingdom Hearts 2:Final Mix Plus http://www.stanford.edu/~darthur/kh2.pdf Kingdom Hearts RE:COM http://www.stanford.edu/~darthur/khcom.pdf copy and paste the URL's into your web browser and it'll automatically start the download, you'll need adobe, which i believe if you select find the...
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    KH2FM+ on PS3

    sorry there was already a topic on this but it got closed before i could reply. it is actually possable to play foreign PS2 games. but it requires opening the PS3 and doing some things. you need to solder in a 3-way switch on the disc ejecter. how it works???well first you get your switch and...
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    Damn modchip.com

    WTH i ordered a swap magic for my slim like 4 days ago with the ups express "overnight" shipping and its still not here. now im being nice cause the holiday season is pretty hectic everywhere. but whats really bugging me is my tracking # isn't even registered yet which means they haven't even...
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    final mix

    Im looking for a kingdom hearts final mix translation guide. I mostly only need it for abilities and item descriptions. i already found some great ones for KH2, and re:com. i've been searching for a while and cant turn up anything
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    I thaught that Nomura said...

    A while back Nomura said that there will never be spin-off's of the KH series, KH is Sora's story. So then how are they going to incorperate sora into a game taking place 10 years beforehand. also if im not mistaken sora was 14 in KH. so maybe at some point we see sora's birth in this game. also...
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    Master Form easy levels

    really easy leveling up for master form i guarantee all 8 levels in under like 30 min. In Mulans world the area just before the summit(where you fight the unknown, assumably riku)theres those craters with the drive orbs in them, 2 of them side by side with 2 sets of dragon missle things. well...
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    Final Fantasy 12

    just writing to say lol mwaaahahahahahaha i own the game. and its great but im haveing a hard time figuring it out since its in japanese. but its really good
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    sorry i had to make this for GTX. in DD and ASAS there are only 2 unknowns. believe i have played through and beaten kingdom hearts 2. and not only are the not just concepts, but they are replayed in the game in worsened graphics. . so yes DD/ASAS actually happen in KH2. and also you already...
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    ansem is xehanort..

    well i dunno if everyonebody knows yet that theres translated versions of the ansem reports up on gamefaqs.com but it states that the ansem in kingdom hearts 1 was a guy actually named xehanort who was found by ansem, xehanort is the one who also wrote the original ansem reports.
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    memory of Xehanort=

    No Heart when unscrambled and have the X taken out may or may not be signifigant but it could just mean that when sora and roxas, and kairi and namine fused back together they kept the memories of their other half i guess you could say...or not whatever you think
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    want to see kingdom hearts??

    alright im not sure who may or may not consider this a spoiler but it makes me believe that KH2 was n the planning alot longer then we thaught. first grab your copy of kingdom hearts and look good and hard at the cover. the big heart shaped moon in the backround..and the place the pictures in...
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    80+ Hours???

    okay that is total bull. im on proud mode and beat the game in 30 hours level 52 and am done the colleseum other then the new hades cup. and i dont have the ultima weapon which i dont intend on bethering with until the english version comes out. but still just saying people better not be getting...
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    some facts and deffinatly spoilers

    well i got my KH2 today and just a couple of this to say first off. everything you thaught you know you dont. ansem is in the game you actually see him talking to Diz about an hour into the game. diz also looks soo much like ansem its crazy. i bet once those bandages come off theres gonna be...
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    Does anybody know if the game supports widescreen format tv's cause i just baught a 48" widescreen and my game is gonna be done tomorrowish. im gonna be dissapointed if theres no widescreen. specially with how new the game is. almost all new games come with that option now
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    i dont know if anybody noticed this yet as i haven;t been on in a while but on the official kingdom hearts 2 website they have the worlds listed, timeless river, atlantica, halloween town, pride land, land of the dragons, olimpus collessium, beasts castle, port royal, agrabah and disney castle...
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    whos gonna import??

    im just wondering if anyones gonna import the game or just wait the 3 months. im gonna aquire a japanese version the day it comes out so i can spoil the game for everyone. mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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    the jap release date??

    is it still confirmed for dec 22 2005...cause if it is im not waiting till feb or march to play the game. i own final mix and i will get the jap game a couple days after it comes out and feed ya'll info if you need. but i just need to know if the release is still confirmed for dec 22 2005
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    Ultimate Spider man

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!its only worth a rent. trust me i aquired this game through certain means. and beat it in 4 hours no problem. bonus tho you get to play as venom the man spider and a couple other cool costumes but only AFTER collecting a bunch of shit. until you collect everything yuor...