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    The Number 13

    EDIT: Ack, i messed up the thread title! Its supposed to be The Number 23.... I should be shunned from society... I saw this movie today, and it's concepts were frighteningly truthful. After watching, I looked at my life and noticed many instances where The Number 23 fit. For instance, my...
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    Line Rider Vids

    (I wasn't sure if this would fall under GVG or not, but here you go.) Okay, all of us, or at least most of us, know of the insanely addictive computer game Line Rider, right? Well, I've started playing it a couple months ago and became addicted like many other people in the world. If you are...
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    Hey, everybody...

    Hey everybody, this is NeoTwilight. I was a member of khinsider 2 years ago, but it started controlling my life, so i quit for a while.... But now, I've decided that I really enjoyed the forums, and I'm really excited to be back... Thanx!