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  1. J

    Real Life Kh2 Clothes

    look at these Pics ....... ha ha tell me if you would order them Xd http://www.fan-store.net/images/cos/kingdom/C00048_02.jpg http://www.fan-store.net/catalog/C00052_02.jpg http://www.fan-store.net/catalog/C00052_01.jpg heres the site where i found em...
  2. J

    Riku's Clothes

    Well too all the People who've Played the game and Beat it already.Which do is better Riku's Kh clothes, Kh2 ,or the Org.13 Cloak
  3. J

    Create a Character For Kh2 (2.0)

    here we go again if you can create a character for kh2 then what would his/hers name be create a bio heres an example below name age description(des. for short) weapon and you can add more to it if you want ^_^
  4. J

    The Meanst thing you've ever done

    whats the meanst thing you've ever done .......me i punched my cousin cause he made me mad
  5. J

    Your Favorite ► Top 10 Favorite people on this forum

    yo i'm back to start posting alot on this forum like i use too, so heres my second topic who are you're top 10 favorite people to talk to on this forum
  6. J

    Your Favorite ► Yo Fav. G-Unit Member

    50Cent Lloyd Banks Olivia Young Buck Tony Yayo Oh yeahor the game
  7. J


    whats your dream vacation?
  8. J

    rate the dancers

    rate the dancers in my sig then stare at them until you start to laugh
  9. J


    was there anything that made laugh in this month ,me when i was in gym(At school) we were playing hockey and i tripped someone three times and hit his head i'll explain how it happed if you guys want to hear it