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    Character deaths

    no the replica died riku destroyed it
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    dont remind me of atlantica. that place was hell. i actually muted it and then did it cause it was so annoyin. it took me to tries to beat ursula cause the first time i paused it right when i was about to hit the button. and i lost track then on. =[
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    I was wonderin......

    If the game was played where riku was in sora's position and sora was in riku's position how do u think it would alternate the story. I think Sora wouldnt have goofy and donald as friends but not riku either. i think riku would be a loner. i think Sora would prolly be alot stronger to. being...
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    bellet would be hilarious!!!! and by the way i love ur avatar
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Musical

    hmmmm. i wished theyd do a play instead of a musical. but i guess a musical wouldnt hurt. i just think a play would be better. but great idea. i liked it
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    hmmm im gonna go with peter pan, vexen, sora, and namine. namine was my biggest. SHE STARTED ALL OF THIS
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    what i dont get about CoM

    roxas is only a fragment of sora. and who wouldnt want a more powerful member in ther group if they planned to gain kingdom hearts? well i guess i'd want a smart person to
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    Which Organization Member has the weirdest looking hair

    Which Organization member has the weirdest hair? I'd have to say either larxene or saix. saix reminds me of falco from star fox and larxenes is just glued to her head and then two little things in the front. anyone else?
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    Marluxia Questions and Answers Here :D

    yea this isnt serious but from far away would u be able to tell if he was guy or not?
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    If u could have one organization element...[sorry if its been posted already]

    If u could have one organization element and have one of ur own what would they be. Mine would be Xaldins element wind. but if i could have my own it would be flare[like riku's dark aura attack]
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    yea because right now if u beleaved what magazines said u'd beleave its comin to north america and that its not which dosent make sense. but yea i hate when magazines do that.
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    Who is the strongest Kingdom hearts character. tell us what u think.

    I always wondered if ther was one person (meaning human not heartless) in the game called the strongest who would it be. I personally think its lexeaus since he has those strong moves in kh2fm+....but tell me what u think
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    i read that magazine scan and that wasnt confirmed there was no quote from nomura so it isnt accurate
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    its not the magazines decision tho. and thers no direct quote from nomura. alot of magazines have put it will come out in fall. but the only way ill beleave it is until nomura (since he did create it) confirms it.
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Information Compilation

    yes family intercourse would be weird. especially for kh. :)
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Information Compilation

    It's possible, but its a longshot.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    the whole reason to start making final mixes is because we got 2 (or 3??) extra bosses in the first so he made kh1 final mix, right?( sephiroth,and the ice titan.) now he makes kh2 final mix+ that is LOADED with extra stuff. i think he has made it so big that its the opposite of what was...