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    I was wonderin......

    If the game was played where riku was in sora's position and sora was in riku's position how do u think it would alternate the story. I think Sora wouldnt have goofy and donald as friends but not riku either. i think riku would be a loner. i think Sora would prolly be alot stronger to. being...
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    Which Organization Member has the weirdest looking hair

    Which Organization member has the weirdest hair? I'd have to say either larxene or saix. saix reminds me of falco from star fox and larxenes is just glued to her head and then two little things in the front. anyone else?
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    If u could have one organization element...[sorry if its been posted already]

    If u could have one organization element and have one of ur own what would they be. Mine would be Xaldins element wind. but if i could have my own it would be flare[like riku's dark aura attack]
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    Who is the strongest Kingdom hearts character. tell us what u think.

    I always wondered if ther was one person (meaning human not heartless) in the game called the strongest who would it be. I personally think its lexeaus since he has those strong moves in kh2fm+....but tell me what u think