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  1. Keyblader110

    .:~Xeon{Myroku}~:. FC

    This is the FC for Xeon{Myroku} AKA Buster :D Hes awesome and a RP master. JOIN THE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!! Maker of FC: Keyblader110 Ruler: Xeon{Myroku} Memebers Ta-Chan Traskix Skitty cat King X Omega Prime Hex Girl17 Beastly Rebal Dream (who ever that is :P)
  2. Keyblader110

    Help with drawing.

    I didnt know if this is the right place. I havent been on in a long time. Can anyone give me a hint how to do speed lines and hands? thanks everyone.
  3. Keyblader110

    358/2 days idea

    I think that the story is that Roxas in a sense "falls in love" with the 14th member and end up haveing to kill her. Or the 14th member was never a nobody and haveing to die. Or the 14th member know Roxas would have to the leave Org.13. Or The 14th member got Roxas thinking. Thats what I...
  4. Keyblader110

    Just a thought

    Is it possable for some one to have two nobodies? What is mean is that say someone lost there heart like sora. Become a heartless and have a nobody. When they human again (like Kairi did to Sora in KH1) and lost there heart again well they have two nobodies or no?
  5. Keyblader110

    Bone: the graphic novels

    Has anyone heard of Bone? I love the plotline it can get at times I've read all of they.It in quite interting.you such look it up! ^_^
  6. Keyblader110

    The Keyblader110 club

    This is the Keyblader110 club Come with me to learn the way of the keyblade and ambark on a journey like never before. Join now. Join now fellow Keybladeweilders and help me rid the world of darkness. MEMBERS Dawning Twilight
  7. Keyblader110


    How does Darkness have a scent? And how only Riku can smell it?
  8. Keyblader110

    Xehanort's heartless

    You know how amsen (Xehanort's heartless) is always blabbing about how Riku can't get away from him but in COM Riku defeats amsen but he can still scents amsen in him so in KH2 when amsen the wise's thing blows up so what happened to Xehanort's heartless after that?
  9. Keyblader110

    Just look

    There is a box on a chair you look inside what do you get? I got a Keyblade made out of chocolate. ^_^ yum!
  10. Keyblader110

    Real keyblades

    Let me rephars this. Does or could the keyblade really exist in reality? The way I see it is once something is made even things that are not really real are made in an other reality or realim.
  11. Keyblader110


    OK... The game KH:BBS is about terra,aqua, and ven looking for Master Xahanort. But in the KH:FM+ sercte video there attacking him why is that? what do you think?
  12. Keyblader110


    Whats your look on the Paranormal? What do you think about Bigfoot,loch ness,El cupacabra,moth man,and stuff like that?
  13. Keyblader110

    Kingdom Hearts

    You know how Kingdom hearts is the heart of all worlds right? Then the one in KH2 should be the heart of all people since it's a collection of hearts from Heartless which came from people's heart in darkness. So is the one in KH2 really the heart of worlds or the heart of people?
  14. Keyblader110

    Keyblade's attchment

    Just what part a keyblade weilder is the keyblade attched to the heart,body or soul? I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 when I thought that the keyblade was attched to the heart but Roxas had no heart so why would the keyblade be attched to a Nobody "It's a hollow shell." so why not the Heart or...
  15. Keyblader110


    Should Kingdom hearts be in Disneyland parks and what would you call the rides? For me I think they should be!! I think one of the rides goes throuht kh1 then com then kh 2
  16. Keyblader110

    A Halloween story

    The game goes like this I start the story then I stop then the next person starts where I left off. The story has to be on Halloween. It has to be a scary so remeber anything can happen on Halloween. You get what I mean? OK? Here we go. It's Halloween morning you wake up you look around your...
  17. Keyblader110

    Tenchi Muyo

    What do you guys think about Tenchi Muyo? The thing is I never got the plot can you help me out? thanks ^_^
  18. Keyblader110

    A simple Question

    How tall is sora in kh2? I think he is as tall as I am (5ft 8 in)
  19. Keyblader110

    Nobody types

    I noticed that some of the nobodies have the powers of org.XIII like Dragoon=Xaldin Sniper=Xigbar Berserker=Saix Gambler=Luxord So what could the others be?
  20. Keyblader110

    Kairi's bottle

    How did Kairi's massage in a bottle get from the realm of light to the realm of darkness?