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    Three styles

    I'd like to ask the KHI creative comunity to give me some input on these sigs. These are the first three i made after stoping for a few months. So i'd apreciate some comments about what could be improved. Thank you.
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    Fanfiction ► .hack// SEED

    Yes folks, yet another .hack fan fic, as if you didn't have enough already! Please bare with me as we dive together into The World once again. .hack//SEED The bell rang announcing the end of the class; the noise of the chairs dragging away...
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    Org. XIII vs Akatsuki

    Let the gang wars begin!!!!!!!!! Who's the best organiztion around? I mean who are the most powerful? Which has the best looking uniform? The coolest members? The best plan? The most evil? Show your suport for these two factions as they begin the ultimate clash for world domination!!!!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Genesis

    Hi everybody! I've been trying to get enough resolution to begin my own fan fic, and since today it's raining and i got nothing better to do... Here i go! This may also be the smallest fan fic ever since i'm not very comited. But i hope you apreciate my effort. This idea came to me some...
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    ATLUS videogames thread

    Yo! How is everyone? This is my first thread, still not sure if i should have asked for permission for this .... Anyway this is destined to be a thread where you can post your opinions on this companie's games tips, tricks, whatever... There are some really good titles out there. I'm sure...