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    The 358/2 days page UPDATED

    The official page of 358/2 days has been updated with new events. event numer 8 and number 9. check them out!
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    wierd thing...

    hey if you check this photo you wil see roxas Xion and axel and here: kairi sora and riku this is the wierd thing roxas is in kairis place and Xion is on soras place. Roxas shouldnt be on soras place?
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    OLD HQ BBs images

    heres the link Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Screens for PSP at GameSpot
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    Demos at TGS

    hey you think that the demo of BBS that is gonna be in TGS will have a stage where you can play as Aqua??
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    Coded release date!

    hey i checked Famitsus page and it says that coded will be released this fall in Japan this has nothing to do with coded but check this vid it shows some gameplay of BBS: YouTube - Release vidéo of DKS3713 PlayStation Spot
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    VEns keyblade

    HEY people who else thinks that vens keyblade is super deform is a mix of the kingdom hey and jungle king, and the way he wields it like the other way around... :bored:
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    Xion (read please)

    Xion in the demo or trailer (i dont know wich) there are some missing memories missing from sora.I think that Xion is a missing memory of sora that came to life... Doesnt make ALot of sensce but it may explain why she can wield the keyblade and why Namine wanted to meet her (because the only...
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    Radiant Garden

    Sorry if this has been disscused but... It has been confirmed that Radiant garden will appear in BBS, so we will see radiant garden in its best days and how its was in the past, and young Aerith leon cid etc. thats gonna be really cool...
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    Donalds mistake!

    hey some of the lattest pics from BBS show donald, goofy, mickey in yensids tower. In KH 2, when you arrive to yensids tower, pete tells you that, that tower belongs to yensid and donald says "MASTER YENSID LIVES HERE" and he runs into the tower, y he acted like that if he had whent there 10...