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    How long did you guys wait

    for KH2 to come out? i waited 2 1/2 years
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    Should I buy a new PS2?

    When my friend dropped my PS2, the buttons thing didnt work, so he took it apart, and he kind of jiggled it around for like 5 seconds, and then it worked, but it would turn off for some odd reason! should i buy a new PS2?
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    KINGDOM HEARTS DAY Petition : [ powered by iPetitions.com ]
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    At The beginning of

    the game, Sora fights on the ground w/ the 7 Princesses faces painted onto the floor, how does Sora know about the Princesses, or what does he know, and how does it appear in his dream before he is chosen as the keyblade master, to unlock the 7 Princeses's hearts?:confused:
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    Could someone help me here?

    you know the blue mushroom things that are in the Deep Jungle and on Captain Hook's ship, they always hit the ground right before i hit them, how can i kiil these things?
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    that would be cool, you could have the keyblade, and you could do whatever you wanted to, but it would be hard to glide and jump and stuff the BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME!!!! MySpaceTV: Kingdom Hearts Ending Simple And Clean by †[O]riginal [K]iroko† +IFLY Kabu+
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    Who was the hardest boss

    except for the optional bosses (Sephiroth,Phantom,Kurt Ziza,Ice Titaan,) and Ansem I would have to say Heartless Riku
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    I got the ultima Chain and can't beat sephroth And i'm lv 76 How do i die?

    it just takes time and patience, and a little bit of luck, i was lvl. 54 when i beat Sephiroth, but i had beaten all of the optional bosses, and has the Ultima Keyblade, just keep on trying, it took me 2 hours to beat him the first time! so just be patient
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    Can Someone Help?

    When you are in Twilight Town, and you have to do the thing w/ the posters, how do you get all of the posters in that time limit?
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    I've Made An Online Petition

    KINGDOM HEARTS DAY Petition : [ powered by iPetitions.com ]
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    Final Fantasy Vs. KH

    Who would win: Tidus Vs. Sora Riku Vs. Wakka Lulu Vs. Kairi or Kamarhi Vs. Mickey Auron Vs. Ansem
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    Shouldn't they Make

    A Kingdom Hearts for the PSP so you could play it anywhere, instead of having to wait to get home, you could play it in the car, instead of at home?:idea:
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    Who thinks that

    Kingdom Hearts is better that KH2?
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    Final Fanstasy X-2

    The big monster in the desert that has 99999999 hp, how do you beat it?
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    Can someone tell me how i can beat her?
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    The first time you fight riku

    yes, the way i did it was i would hide behind the tree, then attack him then jump onto the little branch thing that has the papou fruits, then he would taunt me, so i would attack him, then i would repeat
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    hooded guy a la secret placeee.

    The one at the Secret Place was Ansem!
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    My Playstation 2

    When I beat Kingdom Hearts at level 93 And i finally beat Ansem, my friend accidentally dropped my playstation and now when i attack like a normal heartless, my level goes up after 1 hit! What is wrong?