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    Another Crazy KH3 Theory

    Alright, its been a while since I've been to this thread, due to KH2 waiting time and me going insane with KH on the brain..however..After thinking about some things and backtracking the KHI (And help with Wikipedia), I've come to realize a few things. ++A humanoid Nobody is created with...
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    Keyblades in Secret Ending + Fenrir o.o

    Yeah..so incase people for whatever reason had problems with this.. and as in a post by Xaldin, Fenrir indeed is in the secret ending thing..the other Keyblade I had an arrow pointing to looks like an Olympus design..I mean..with the clouds and all..or the part of the handle where it curls...
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    Simba in KH2

    Now..didnt we summon Adult Simba in Kh1?..yet in KH2..when we go to the Pride Lands..Scar is there..yet..Scar died when simba became a full grown-Lion..so like..did we just pull a KH time travel? o.o
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    Hikari's placement

    while watching the Ending (all 17 minutes of it) at Youtube..I noticed that Hikari was included in the list of songs...now..where does Hikari fit in with Kh2? Or where is it played at? o.o
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    Possible Worlds/Chars for Kh3

    yeah..so like..if there is going to be a KH3..what worlds or characters do you think would be in it? Since Pirates of the Carribean 2 and 3 are being worked on right now..theres a possible maybe that Potc 2 and or 3 would be involved. -The Muppets (I forgot they were disney related) -Lilo and...
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    is it me or does Lexaeus look like one of BHK's friends? I believe his name is Hayner or something... Also..I've read the threads of people speculating if BHK is in the Org because of his X shaped Zipper/ (or necklace as some people think) if thats so..then tell me..What do you think now that...
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    Who do we want for VA's?

    I was roaming around..and realized..there arent that many threads for who we want casted as VA's..it might be because all of them get closed down due to being total wastes of times..or because they arent popular..I dont know..I'm still relatively new here...but who do we as a collective fan base...
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    KH2 Soundtrack Listing Taken down

    apparently the same site that had the Kingdom Hearts 2 soundtrack listing up, took it down due to something with Square I think.. You can read about it at www.kh2.co.uk or something..it was just like..updated this morning I believe (this morning for me anyhow, cuz its the thirteenth here too)...
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    Did you notice in KH1...

    For the sake of a challenge, a friend and I decided to start a new file on Expert Mode, and on the hardest internal setting. (Starting at the dead of night) for those of you who many not know (which will scare me if there are lots), Leaving in the dead of night means you level up the slowest..I...
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    The Paopu Fruit

    God I dont think I spelled it right..but Riku told Sora that if you give the Paopu Fruit to someone, you're forever intertwined didnt he?...Or did he say when you share the fruit that it happens.. Well either way..Riku gave/shared the fruit after Sora won(or lost if you lost) their beginning...
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    Soras Time Spent

    Im not sure if this thread belongs in KH:CoM or here..since it basically pertains to both..but how long do you think Sora and company spent in Castle Oblivion? I mean..if the time betweeen KH and KH2 (which I was told in this forum) was only 1 year..then how long do you think Sora and company...
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    CT/CC in KH

    While my friend and I were whooping up on Sephiroth we went through a "what if" phase..and started to talk about the possibility or what it'd be like if some characters from Chrono Trigger or Cross were in KH2 or possibly 3..and introduced the Time element/theme into the game. Tetsuya did the...