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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    A friend of mine kept on talking about it
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    Help/Support ► Accidentally in lurv

    Wait you've been the shortest person, I though that there was someone shorter
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    Help/Support ► Accidentally in lurv

    Is a dwarf a midget? ( 'cause I don't know)
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    Help/Support ► Accidentally in lurv

    If the other guy is shorter than you then shortness is nothing because he's shorter than you and she might like him.
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    Help/Support ► Accidentally in lurv

    Well if its a crush then it will go away, if its true love then you'll might end up with her. About the other guy she might not like him.
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    Battle of the Night

    There is a great war raging on planet earth. Three different races are battling each other, fighting for control. The Werewolves, vicious animals that are a mix of man and beast. The Vampires, bloodsucking bat people that are allergic to the sunlight. And the Humans, normal people fighting for...