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  1. ImVentus

    Film ► Dumbo 2019

    While Dumbo has been a favourite of my child years. The film is not my favourite anymore, but I appreciate it. Dumbo is adorable as a character and I love the Pink Elephants On Parade sequence. Let's see how this one can stand on it's own.
  2. ImVentus

    Film ► Are there any DTDVD sequels you like?

    I'm sure somehow anyone have stumbled upon some of Disney's sequels, midquels and etc somehow. Whether it be childhood, critiquing or Disney collection. Most of the time a bad reputation run around these films due to the fact that they were produced on a much lower budget, rushed, or didn't have...
  3. ImVentus

    What's up with Riku's eyes?

    Throughout the series his eyes have always been blueish green (cyan) Why of the sudden is his eyes pale green in his KH3 render? Any thoughts on this?
  4. ImVentus

    Spyro The Dragon | Reignited Trilogy

    Apparently after all the rumours about Spyro being remastered, it seems like that finally might just come true. According to the source from (Kotaku) Spyro Trilogy Remaster Coming to PS4 This Year | Kotaku UK There are plans to release a remaster of such games as Spyro The Dragon, Ripto's...
  5. ImVentus

    What happened with that new world?

    Last year Nomura announced Castle Of Dreams, Enchanted Dominion and a new Disney world for Union X. This year we wrapped Castle Of Dreams and got halfway through Enchanted Dominon While there had been filler with Agrabah. Do they still consider to introduce this new world or are they keeping...
  6. ImVentus

    Daily Xii Event Rant

    Ok, so I simply just want to talk about a thing that really bothered me playing this event. With a given second chance to unlock some nice Organization costumes I thought there would be a chance to actually unlock the Axel and Lexaeus event, with a really good keyblade and enough strong medals...
  7. ImVentus

    Which KH story reflects you?

    Ok so I know it can be a little tricky since there are so many aspects of KH. However out of curiosity and connection to the series I wonder out of, (the first 3 trio) SRK, RAX and TAV do you feel strongest connection that reflect your own life? Like the people you know? Wherever you live? If...
  8. ImVentus

    Film ► Disney's Gigantic has been cancelled

    On October 10th, from Hollywood Reporter it was revealed that the very anticipated Disney's Gigantic, based on Jack & The Beanstalk had been shelved and would no longer continue production. This is very sad news for all of those who had the interest to see this movie, to bring an old tale for a...
  9. ImVentus

    How Emotional Could This Game Be?

    Just something Ive been thinking about for a while. What kind of tone is the game aiming for? I honestly feel confident to say that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a balanced game. That will feature some really powerful and emotional moments but also try to keep the spirit of Kingdom Hearts 1, being...
  10. ImVentus

    Help/Support ► Terrified Of What's To Come

    Tomorrow will be the day when I move out from my hometown. I'm gonna move far, far away to a new country that I have never been to before. I'm very excited cause I want to restart my life in a new enviroment and finally follow my passion for Animation. After been struggling for many years I have...
  11. ImVentus

    About the 13th vessel

    Since Master Xehanort failed with Sora in DDD could it be possible that he would turn onto a new plot in KH3 with a broken boy that he knew from the past. Yes I'm talking about Ven. Do you think it could be possible that Master Xehanort is now instead targeting Ven as his new 13th vessel for the...
  12. ImVentus

    Dealing With Nightmares

    The past three nights I have had horrible nightmares where I felt like I could do nothing to wake up from. I couldn't sleep well the night when the last X episode aired either, had a very horrific dream. So I had patiently awaited the arrival of my Chirithy. Surprisingly enough when Chirirthy...
  13. ImVentus

    2 Years Of DEPARTURE

    Um Hello. I used to be a member back in mid 2014. I didn't however stay for very long, my wishes of making friends and share content that I made never really happened. I guess fear took over back then due to the fact that I was and am a shy person. I never took any chances to chat or discuss in...
  14. ImVentus

    My Kingdom Hearts Music Video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfQXV4YKxpo This is one of my KH music videos that I have made. This one is meant for Sora from the games. the first half of the video focuses on Sora's relation with Riku and last half focuses on Kairi. Tell me what do you think:wink:
  15. ImVentus


    Hello my name here is ImVentus but I really wanted to change it to Wave so you can call me either one of those or go by my real name Sebastian. Anyhow Im here because Im just like all of you a KH fan and I grew up with KH as my childhood with KH2 being my favourite game in the series. I am a...