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  1. rascus213

    Why Master Xehanort?

    I just recently finished watching all of DDD on youtube and I was wondering one thing. When a persons heartless and nobody are destroyed the true person comes back, correct? So when Ansem and Xemnas were defeated, Shouldn't they have formed Terranort instead of Master Xehanort?
  2. rascus213

    TMNT: Ninja Turtles Stand Tune

    I had some extra time today so i did a marching band stand tune arrangement of the TMNT theme. Please let me know what you think! XgDRW-QZy2w
  3. rascus213

    Conquista (original composition)

    So i was getting bored of the projects I'd been working on for the past couple months and thought i'd take a break and write something quick and fun NX96HoDZYDg I mainly do percussion ensemble stuff but like i said this was just something i did in like 4-5ish hours. Please leave feedback and...
  4. rascus213

    Dark Impetus Perussion Ensemble Arrangement(incomplete)

    So I've been Working this for the past couple of months and I'm almost finished, but i thought id post it on here as a kind of special preview. QeUEOIX7new So obviously besides finishing it there are a number of things I'm still going to do including -fix the melody in some parts so it stands...
  5. rascus213

    KH3 Skips The ps3?

    So as most of you have probably heard, Nintendo is revealing their new console(codenamed project cafe) at this years E3 Now while i don't think Sony and Microsoft will panic and immediately release their next gen consoles, id say the ps3 and 360 only have at max 4 more years left in them That...
  6. rascus213

    original soundtracks

    disney worlds, great movies, but that feel isn't perfectly captured in kh for kh3(and any other kh game) i feel that they disney worlds need original soundtracks from the movie Halloween for example, was perfect, with "this is Halloween" playing it really felt like we were in that world, it...
  7. rascus213

    roxas vs riku

    ok so i hate to ask questions, but..... ok so when roxas fought riku outside memory skyscraper or w/e roxas gave riku oblivion ect.... so after all the neoshadows were destroyed and they went one on one why didn't roxas (cant think of a better way to say this) "poof" oblivion back to him? is...
  8. rascus213

    riku vs xion and the way to dawn

    so i was watching days videos on youtube and found this YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days --- Riku vs Xion (All 4 Forms, Mission Mode) Part II if u notice, riku is using the way to dawn, which shouldnt be seeing as he obtained it late in kh2 if someone could tell me if this is cannon or...
  9. rascus213

    Lit ► The hunger games

    so i just finished the hunger games (only just getting it yesterday) fastest ive ever read a book(and i generally dont like reading) so the hunger games....catching fire..... discuss
  10. rascus213

    the reports

    i recently read the secret reports from days and i wanted to know some of my fellow khi members opinions i thought xion having the dream about drowning(kh opening anybody?) was quite interesting and i think the reason xigbar saw ven as xion that 1 time was b/c xion copied him thru roxas...
  11. rascus213

    was it worth it

    i played most of the original com and what i did play i watched on utube so i was wondering if it was worth it to buy re:com i know it was a rushed project(not the best quality va, ect...) but its also a cheap price im not one who asks things like this but i just need to know b4 i go out and...
  12. rascus213

    why roxas has emotions 2.0

    okay, i think it all makes sence now seeing a scan of roxas crying brought light to my misused brain what if vens heart, is in roxas, thus the appearence and thus his emotions(totally kills an eailer thread i made but...) not much proof on this but is it possible...?
  13. rascus213

    seamless worlds

    so my question is would you want seamless worlds in the next kh games meaning it would all blend together, no changing into a different area within the world
  14. rascus213

    Sora "breaks the rules"- why roxas has emotions

    ok so i havnt posted a theory before so......... but anyway i have a few ideas to maybe the reason that roxas is a nobody that actually has feelings 1. ok so a heartless is a being with a heart but their heart is blocked or surronded by darkness preventing them from having emotions and making...
  15. rascus213

    riku pic

    ok this is a quick thread and ill delete it once i get what i need ok i spent like the last half hour searching the inernet for a pick of riku on top of the skyscrapper in twtnw for my new siggy but they are all to big so if some one could get me a siggy sized pic of riku on the scyscrapper...
  16. rascus213

    ultimate kh disscusssion

    ok think about it in kh1 sora just got the keyblade and was learnig how to use it in com he gets a little more experianced with it in kh2 he gets used to using it and knows how to use it well in the game staring sora hel be like a master *more discussion coming soon*