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  1. Cosmic+Amarna

    I (probably won't) Draw the Kanto Pokedex?

    As the title suggests, I'm going to try and draw the Kanto Pokedex. Idk if this is something that I'll see thru until the end, but hey don't count on it lol. I wanna do Kanto first for obvious reasons, but I may do the 3rd Gen. starters because (well you know, the remakes come out next month)...
  2. Cosmic+Amarna

    SE Launches Dive In

    Final Fantasy Network
  3. Cosmic+Amarna

    Cosmic is a poet, kinda

    “Nails that stick out are hammered down.” “And?...” I'm gonna try to write and post stuff, hopefully!
  4. Cosmic+Amarna

    the AFA is a wee bit tarded

    'Mix it up at lunch day' is October 30th, 2012 and is asking students to sit with people who they would not regularly socialize with in order to break down the emphasis on cliques, decrease bullying, and to encourage understanding and tolerance. So what happens next? This: The AFA is a...
  5. Cosmic+Amarna

    Help/Support ► ps1/ps2 action replay/gameshark compatibility?

    Does anybody on here have first hand knowledge of whether or not the ps1 action replay/gameshark will work on a ps2 for a ps1 game? I've seen some people say no, but I've actually seen quite a decent amount of people say that yes it will allow you to use your ps1 AR/gameshark on a ps2 for a ps1...
  6. Cosmic+Amarna

    New Florida Drug Law sends us all back to the 15th century

    A new law was passed in Florida just this last week that changes the state law and even contradicts the constitution and amendments! I'm looking for the article on the web but if I can't find it I'll just scan the newspaper article. So in a 5-2 vote the court ruled that citizens now have to...
  7. Cosmic+Amarna

    Recent Study Shows that Drug Search Dogs Flip Coin in Deciding

    I remember seeing an article last year in the High Times magazine about how, I don't remember which, an accredited university did a study and tested the drug sniffing dog's accuracy. They reported that more than 50% of the time the dogs were wrong. They also found that the dogs were more reliant...
  8. Cosmic+Amarna

    The Zombie Paradox

    So this came across me mind thought last night for whatever random reason. ...So are zombies a sort of paradox? Zombie, the living dead - the reanimated, or the other conception of this raging cannibal lunatic zombie person. Either or, I found what I believe to be a fundamental problem...
  9. Cosmic+Amarna

    Religion, education, and knowledge

    OP: Cosmic+Amarna:So my personal thought/feeling toward this would be this; yes it matters and is important. I’m not saying that everyone needs to go to school and receive credentials, but that the background information matters a lot. Technical knowledge is necessary in my mind, one needs to...
  10. Cosmic+Amarna

    Mermaids, low key they're real

    So it's Sunday night and I just witnessed Animal Planet's brand new documentary episode called Mermaids.animal.discovery.com/tv/monster-week/mermaids/evidence.html So I've personally thought it to be something that could be possible, so I found this interesting. The only thing is that they play...
  11. Cosmic+Amarna

    Crackpot Xehanort Theory

    So I know everyone is probably gonna tear this apart but I don't care. After thinking and replaying some parts of the games, I think that we may have been overlooking something about Xehanort the whole time. I know others have mentioned this idea before, and it was cast aside. I'm really...
  12. Cosmic+Amarna

    So who on here is gonna do this?

    NEW 3DS Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance w/ Original 3DS Console JAPAN | eBay Or something like: NewKINGDOM HEARTS 3D Dream Drop Distance KINGDOM HEARTS EDITION #288 | eBay Or perhaps: New Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Japan Sealed | eBay Any takers?
  13. Cosmic+Amarna

    Riku has Terra's heart?

    So I am aware that the idea of Terra being in Riku's heart has been brought up before. I would like to know why? Why does anyone think that Terra's heart resides with Riku? I don't really understand or believe that notion. Where/ When would that have even happened? Why( do people think that...
  14. Cosmic+Amarna

    Sora gets trapped in RoS

    the phrase 'birth by sleep" can mean many things and seems to have an esoteric-like feel to it, within the world of KH. When Ansem says this to Aqua in RoD, it is apparently epic. So what does this mean actually? Of course DDD is all about the RoS and is tying everything together, but what does...
  15. Cosmic+Amarna

    Another theory on KH3D-- peep this

    I think that Sora won't succumb or turn to the darkness because it would defeat the purpose of his role as a character. Sora is the (sky) that connects everything and everyone is KH. Rather, ideas like him entering the RoD is much more likely and will flow better story-wise. In BBS it shows...