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  1. NobodyImportant

    Lucky Emblems

    So... I was thinking about why exactly there are lucky emblems everywhere, then an idea occurred to me. Are we taking photographic evidence of Mickey vandalizing buildings and things in his younger days? After all, since the worlds were all separate, no one should know about Mickey, much less...
  2. NobodyImportant

    Theory: What's in the box?

    Fittingly, this idea came to me between dreams and reality. So bear with me, this theory is just as convoluted as the kh plot so far. What if inside the box is Young Sora, where he fell into a dream state. I'd say the dream state was triggered by Ventus going to sleep as well. Their hearts are...
  3. NobodyImportant

    PoH subverted?

    I had a thought while I was trying to sleep, like it always happens. What if the new seven lights aren't princesses? Or even, female at all? Over the last decade or so, we've seen a lot of tropes subverted and even ground out of existence. Even Disney has done so, what with their...
  4. NobodyImportant

    Yet another theory

    I looked through the pages, and didn't see this particular theory stated, so here goes. I think Xion is a /second/ Nobody of Kairi's. Bear with me, I've got an explanation. First, Kairi loses her heart to the Heartless the normal way. Sure, there's the /image/ of her body staying there, but...
  5. NobodyImportant

    KH2 won't play all the way.

    I'm not sure where the right place is to post this, so I'll just put it here. I've been having a problem with my copy of Kingdom Hearts 2. I started a new game and played it just fine up until I unlocked Atlantica. Then, when I tried going there, my game froze and my PS2 made this strange...
  6. NobodyImportant

    Theory about the name 358/2 days

    I've got my own theory about the name 358/2 days. We've already played 7 of the 365 days that Sora was put to sleep in Castle Oblivion, the 7 days of the tutorial at the beginning of KH2. Anyone remember that? He was asleep for a whole year. So 365 minus 7 is 358. The /2 could possibly mean...
  7. NobodyImportant

    Legend of Dragoon

    Am I the only one in the world who liked Legend of Dragoon? No matter where I go, there's always people bashing it. Sure, the graphics are about the same as FFVIII, but that doesn't stop anyone. I personally think the idea is a good one. Comments?
  8. NobodyImportant

    Play as Riku?

    I wonder....are they going to completely redo CoM, meaning have Reverse/Rebirth too? That'd be friggin' awesome to be able to play as Riku.
  9. NobodyImportant

    Luxord's battle in TWTNW

    All right. Does anyone at all understand how this thing worked? I've done it about a hundred times by now, and I found out that just plain hitting him doesn't deplete his bar, or at least not enough to matter. How does it figure out damage to the bar? I think that it all depends on how many...
  10. NobodyImportant

    Complete Synthesized Items List

    Here's the list of all items that are able to be synthesized in KH2. Except for a few, they all have to be first synthesized in either the Free Development section or the Recipes section, the recipes only when you find the recipes in the actual game. I've put in the ranks of all items too, as...
  11. NobodyImportant

    Which Final Fantasy characters should be in the next game?

    I think Auron should be in it again. ;) And of course, the gang that's already there, Cid, Leon(SQUALL) Aerith, Yuffie. And they should definitely put Vincent in it. I also think they need to put FF villians in it, like Kefka. Man, that guy was insane Oh, I hope this thread wasn't done...