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    Esrb rating

    The rating wasn't unexpected. But the description was pretty funny. He.. He..
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    New keyblades in days.

    Guilty Crown is pretty awsome.
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    Zexion interview

    Wow, that's interesting, thanks! Inspired by Scooby-Doo? That was somthing certainly unexpected.
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    14th member seems pointless; spoilers

    Considering the game isn't even out yet, dosn't it seem a little premature to say Xion is pointless to the plot?
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop Me too! I got an onyx one for Christmas a couple of years ago, so I've been set for awhile. Thankfully this gives me something to look forward to this summer other than watching T.V. all day in my room.
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop Really? That's surprising considering here when you say "Kingdom Hearts" some pepole are likely to go "OMG dat Kingdom Heartz is liek so gay LOL!!!" It's just not the kind of culture pepole think of over here.
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    re:chain of memories trailer

    Re: chain of memories trailer Thanks, I never saw a trailer on T.V. so I was wondering if they ever actually made one.
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop Especially considering it is probably more popular there, therefore more likely to run out of copies faster.
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop Hm, a little earlier than I expected, but a good sign nontheless. 40 bucks though? That seems a bit high for a DS game, but I guess that is just a rough estimate. On a side note, anybody think there will be a pre-order gift offered?
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    Fanfiction ► La Compilation (Kingdom Hearts: AU Infinities One Shot Series)

    Re: La Compilation des Histoires de Reino Corazones Hey Ziz, the fic of Roxas/Ollete was great! It was cool how the story followed the song like it did in The Lion King and kudos to making Axel a darker charecter, it makes him alot cooler. Can't wait 'till Doomsday is finished, about how much...
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    KH2:FM+ Cutscene Guide

    Thanks, Audo these are really cool. Nice having them in one place.
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    If there was any hope the US would have 358/2 Days soon..

    Hope this comes out about May, so I have something to do during the summer other than sleep all day. That gets boring after doing it for 14 years straight.
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    Saved By Mickey anyone?

    Man, I don't think I have played through Xaldin once without Mickey having to come save me! I was lucky enough to have him come twice in the same battle one time. (I think that was the first time I had beat him too)
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    This has been confusing me.

    Thnks guys,that has really cleared things up for me.
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Xaldin,Xaldin,Xaldin,Xaldin, and did I mention Xaldin? Seriously, he was crazy tough! It took me like two weeks or more to beat him.
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    This has been confusing me.

    I have been thinking about this alot and now i have gotten confused. Is the world that never was in the realm of darkness,light, or in bewtween. I would really appreciate it if someone would clear this up for me.